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Preventing Household Waste in Scotland: A Consultation Paper: January 2006, Paper 2006/1


Annex A Household waste for which a charge may be made

Schedule 2

Regulation 4

Types of household waste for which a charge for collection may be made

1. Any article of waste which exceeds 25 kilograms in weight.

2. Any article of waste which does not fit, or cannot be fitted into-
(a) a receptacle for household waste provided in accordance with section 46; or
(b) where no such receptacle is provided, a cylindrical container 750 millimetres in diameter and 1 metre in length.

3. Garden waste.

4. Clinical waste from a domestic property, a caravan or from a moored vessel used wholly for the purposes of living accommodation.

5. Waste from a residential hostel, a residential home or from premises forming part of a university, school or other educational establishment or forming part of a hospital or nursing home.

6. Waste from domestic property or a caravan used in the course of a business for the provision of self-catering holiday accommodation.

7. Dead domestic pets.

8. Any substances or articles which, by virtue of a notice served by a collection authority under section 46, the occupier of the premises may not put into a receptacle for household waste provided in accordance with that section.

9. Litter and refuse collected under section 89(1)(f).

10. Waste from-
(a) in England and Wales, domestic property forming part of a composite hereditament;
(b) in Scotland, the residential part of part residential subjects.

11. Any mineral or synthetic oil or grease.

12. Asbestos.

13. Waste from a caravan which in accordance with any licence or planning permission regulating the use of the caravan site on which the caravan is stationed is not allowed to be used for human habitation throughout the year.

14. Waste from a camp site, other than from any domestic property on that site.

15. Waste from premises occupied by a charity and wholly or mainly used for charitable purposes, unless it is waste falling within paragraph 1 of Schedule 1.

16. Waste from a prison or other penal institution.

17. Waste from a hall or other premises used wholly or mainly for public meetings.

18. Waste from a royal palace.