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Scottish Local Authorities Remuneration Committee: Review of Remuneration Arrangements for Local Authority Councillors

DescriptionReport of the Scottish Local Authorities Remuneration Committee
Official Print Publication DateJanuary 2006
Website Publication DateJanuary 27, 2006


Chairman: Ian Livingstone, CBE, BL, NP ISBN 0 7559 4934 X
This document is also available in pdf format (192k)


Chapter 1 - Introduction and context of our review
Chapter 2 - Summary of proposed remuneration package
Chapter 3 - Salaries
Chapter 4 - Pensions
Chapter 5 - Expenses
Chapter 6 - Severance
Chapter 7 - Financial implications
Chapter 8 - Reviewing and uprating arrangements and issues for future consideration
Annex A - Councillors' Role Profiles/Descriptions
Annex B - Estimated Service Expenditure
Annex C - Glossary
Annex D - Biographical notes for committee members

Tom McCabe MSP
Minister for Finance and Public Service Reform

1 I have pleasure in presenting the first report of the Scottish Local Authorities Remuneration Committee.

2 Devising new remuneration arrangements for councillors has been a challenging but interesting process.

3 As an independent statutory Committee, we have endeavoured to take an objective view and develop arrangements that are based on fact and robust opinion, not on assumption and conjecture. We have also adhered to the criteria you set for the Committee, ensured that these key principles were reflected in our consideration of the issues, and are reflected in our final advice.

4 The research work carried out on the Committee's behalf has been important in allowing us to consider the assimilated views of many councillors, council officers, and members of the public.

5 The package we have developed recognises the various roles carried out by councillors, and the weight of responsibilities attached to these roles, including senior posts in councils' political management structures. Notwithstanding the cost implications, the package we are proposing is fair, transparent, and offers councils flexibility within a sensible framework. It is also straightforward and easy to understand.

6 The Committee's advice is the result of a genuine team effort. Members have brought to the Committee a wealth of knowledge and experience which has been invaluable in allowing us to tackle some complex issues. I am grateful to all members of the Committee and its Secretary for their support, advice and counsel.

Ian Livingstone
January 2006