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Nutritional Guidance for Early Years: food choices for children aged 1-5 years in early education and childcare settings

DescriptionNutritional guidance for early education and childcare settings for children aged 1-5
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJanuary 23, 2006


Scottish Executive, Edinburgh 2006
ISBN 0 7559 4787 8

This document is also available in pdf format (924k)



1 Introduction and background
1.1 Why is this guidance needed?
1.2 What is this guidance for?
1.3 Who is this guidance for?
1.4 Links with other resources
1.5 Putting policy into context

2 Eating habits, nutrients, foods and menu planning
2.1 Developing good eating habits
2.2 Foods and nutrients
2.3 Menu planning and nutrient guidance
2.4 Example menus

3 Additional information
3.1 Oral and dental health for pre-school children
3.2 Snacks
3.3 Drinks
3.4 Physical activity
3.5 Vegetarian and vegan diets
3.6 Food choices and religious faiths and beliefs
3.7 Children with special needs or therapeutic diets
3.8 Vitamin supplementation

4 Putting nutritional guidance into practice
4.1 Working in partnership
4.2 Working alongside parents and guardians
4.3 Developing a food and nutrition policy
4.4 Staff development and training
4.5 Monitoring and evaluation
4.6 Areas for further consideration

Appendix 1 Nutrient guidance for children aged 1 to 5 years
Appendix 2 Menu planning
Appendix 3 Menus 2 and 3 with weighted portion sizes
Appendix 4 Children's fruit and vegetable portion sizes
Appendix 5 Food for religious faiths and beliefs
Appendix 6 Putting it into practice
Appendix 7 Sample food and nutrition policy
Appendix 8 Working group
Appendix 9 References and resources