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Friday 07/10/2005

The Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes (Scotland) Regulations 2004: SEA Templates (trial version without integrated guidance notes) [Environment]

SEA Templates with out guidance.

Thursday 06/10/2005

Consultation on the sale of methylated spirits and surgical spirits (denatured alcohol) Closing date 1 August 2005 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Responses to Methylated Spirits consultation plus summary sheets

Co-operative Development Agency - Conclusions and Next Steps [Business and Industry]

Conclusion of public consultation and next steps

Co-operative Development Agency:Race Equality Impact Assessment [Business and Industry]

Co-operative Development Agency:Race Equality Impact Assessment

Towards a Transport Strategy for Scotland: Consultation on Rail Priorities [Transport]

Consultation document

Well? Issue 7: Autumn/Winter 2005/06 [Health and Community Care]

The National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Well-being's bi-annual Magazine. This edition has been distributed in support of Scottish Mental health Week (10-16 October)

Wednesday 05/10/2005

Consultation on the Accountability of Local Authorities (Publication of Information about Performance) (SCOTLAND) Amendment Regulations 2005 [Government]

Consultation Paper and Draft Regulations in relation to Ministers making regulations with respect to Section 13 of the Local Government in Scotland Act 2003, on requirements for Public Performance Reporting under Best Value.

Insight 21: Investigating the Extent of Commercial Activity in Schools [Research]

The aim of the study was to provide an evidence base on the extent of Commercial Activity in Scottish Schools

Review of NHS 24 Final Report [Health and Community Care]

Final Report of the NHS 24 Independent Review Team.

Scottish Executive Health Department Memorandum of Procedure on Restricted Patients [Health and Community Care]

Guidance document for mental health professionals

Statistics Publication Notice: Economy Series: Scottish Manufactured Exports Estimates for the Second Quarter of 2005 [Statistics]

Statistics Publication Notice for the Index of Manufactured Exports 2005Q2

Tuesday 04/10/2005

One Year Job Guarantee for Nurses and Midwives: Guidance for 2005-2006 [Health and Community Care]

Guidance for newly qualified nurses and midwives for securing employment in NHSScotland

SULF6 - Scottish Union Learning Fund Prospectus [Education and Training]

Prospectus for applications for grant funded projects from the Scottish Union Learning Fund - Round 6


Uniqueness of the CalMac Fleet - A summary paper

Monday 03/10/2005

The Scottish Executive Development Department: Inquiry Reporters Unit: Review of the Year 2004-2005 [Planning]

Annual Review 2004/05

Thursday 07/09/2000

Fair Shares For All A Guide to the Final Report [Rural Development]

A short guide to the "Fair Shares for All Final Report": the report of the steering group, chaired by Sir John Arbuthnott, which looked into the allocation of NHS resources in Scotland.

Fair Shares for All Final Report [Health and Community Care]

The report of the steering group on the National Review of Resource Allocation, chaired by Professor Sir John Arbuthnott, to advise on methods of allocating NHS resources across Scottish Health Boards.

Showing: 101 to 117 of 117