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Motivations for Undertaking the New Social Work Degree

DescriptionA web only full report accompanying Insight 23
ISBN07559 2772 9
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateOctober 24, 2005


ISBN 0 7559 2772 9 (Web only publication)

This document is also available in pdf format (616k)

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
1.1 Research Methodology
1.2 Student profile
1.3 Motivations for choosing social work degree
1.4 Path to social work degree
1.5 Views on the Course and Placements
1.6 Social work as a career
1.7 Social workers in society
1.8 Scottish Executive measures to address recruitment and retention in social work

2 Introduction
2.1 Introduction and background
2.2 Research aims

3 Survey findings
3.1 Survey methodology
3.1.1 Sample
3.1.2 Methodology
3.1.3 Profile of respondents
3.2 Motivations for choosing social work degree
3.2.1 Motivations for choosing the social work degree
3.2.2 Important factors when choosing social work as a career
3.3 Path to Social Work Degree
3.3.1 How became aware of the degree
3.3.2 Likelihood of undertaking Diploma in Social Work without Social Work degree
3.3.3 Alternative plans before starting Degree
3.4 Previous experience
3.4.1 Status just before starting Social Work Degree
3.4.2 Relevant past work experience
3.5 Views on course and placements
3.5.1 Experience with placement
3.5.2 Intention to switch programme
3.5.3 Change in view of social work
3.6 Social work as a career
3.6.1 Areas of interest
3.7 Social work in society
3.7.1 Agreement with statements about social work
3.7.2 Comparison of social work with other professions
3.8 Campaign and recruitment initiatives
3.8.1 Awareness and impact of advertising and publicity
3.8.2 Awareness and impact of the incentive scheme

4 Qualitative findings
4.1 Qualitative Methodology
4.1.1 Sample
4.1.2 Sample profile
4.1.3 Recruitment of participants
4.1.4 Conducting the groups
4.2 Motivations for choosing Social work as a profession 38
4.2.1 Initial awareness of social work 38
4.2.2 Motivations for choosing social work as a career 39
4.3 Paths to the Social work degree 45
4.3.1 Path 1- 'Non professionals entering the undergraduate degree' 45
4.3.2 Path 2 - 'Qualified professionals entering the Social work degree'
4.3.3 Path 3 - 'Recent school leavers'
4.4 Views on the course
4.4.1 Challenges and changes
4.4.2 Views on the course
4.4.3 Social work placements
4.5 Social work in society
4.5.1 The image of social work/ social worker
4.5.2 Characteristics of Social workers
4.5.3 Social workers and other professions
4.5.4 Working with other professionals
4.6 Campaign and Recruitment Initiatives
4.6.1 Care in Scotland Campaign
4.6.2 World Tour Campaign
4.6.3 Incentive Scheme
4.7 Overall findings from the focus groups

Appendix 1 BMRB International Social Work Students Survey
Appendix 2 Motivations for undertaking the new Social Work degree Topic Guide - Under Graduates/ Graduates

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Both reports were published in October 2005.

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