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Efficient Government Fund EGF)1)2)51 Western Isles Remote Working

DescriptionSTATUS - UNSUCCESSFUL - To provide an efficient and novel method of remote working specifically for Social Work and Health Board staff in an isolated rural location.
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2005
Website Publication DateFebruary 24, 2006


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    Stage 1 application - expression of interest

    Part 1: Summary Table

    Bid number (for EG use)

    Lead bidder

    Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

    Bill Howat - Chief Executive

    Council Offices

    Sandwick Road

    Stornoway HS1 2TU


    Brief description of the aims of the project

    1. To provide an efficient and novel method of remote working specifically for Social Work and Health Board staff in an isolated rural location.
    2. To provide a small-scale pilot which can be widely replicated across all types of rural authority.

    Clear description of what the EGF money would be used to buy

    Purchase of IT equipment, space and training to enable the project to operate electronically from its inception.

    Partners to the project likely to commit resources

    Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

    Western Isles Health Board

    Names of other organisations with whom the project has been discussed (to assist the introductions process)

    As above

    Evidence that suggested approach has been deployed successfully elsewhere

    There is evidence from the commercial and public sectors that 'touchdown' office space, supported by high quality portable IT facilities can permit more effective remote working.

    Are there any restrictions to potential for enlargement of the project ( i.e. technology, number of partners etc)

    No. This is an intentionally small-scale pilot which could be replicated anywhere.

    Benefits projected from the project

    Savings of time, administrative costs, some economies of scale arising from joint working, benefits to local community of having workers based locally.

    Estimated financial projections






    Overall project cost



    Estimated projected benefits




    Is a pilot required - see guidance notes

    This is a pilot project but no initial pilot phase is required.

    Additionally: why is EG funding required

    Funding is required to enable the project to proceed. Although the infrastructure which will be used for collaboration forms part of another Comhairle project, the project itself will only be successful if sufficient IT and training resources are available.

    Is this project complementary in anyway to other EG work

    The project aims confirm with the requirements of the Efficient Government guidance notes and with the Comhairle and Health Board's corporate objectives, especially in regard to local service provision and providing sustainable patterns of community life.

    Is "stage 2 development funding" requested?

    As above