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Central Heating Programme and the Warm Deal Annual Report 2003-04 - Benefits from Home Energy Efficiency Schemes in Scotland 2003-04: A Report by the Scottish Executive


The Scottish Executive's Central Heating Programme and the Warm Deal Annual Report 2003-04: BENEFITS FROM HOME ENERGY EFFICIENCY SCHEMES IN SCOTLAND 2003-04: A REPORT BY THE SCOTTISH EXECUTIVE

Case study 3 - measures funded under the Warm Deal innovation programme

Warm and Well and the Warmburgh Advice Team are two projects managed by Lothian and Edinburgh Environmental Partnership (LEEP). Warm and Well helps people in Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian, who are referred by health professionals, to make their homes warm and affordable to heat. The Warmburgh Advice Team can help anyone living in Edinburgh who is struggling to afford to heat their home.

In order to help people who are in fuel poverty but do not qualify for grants (such as the Scottish Executive's Central Heating Programme or basic Warm Deal) these projects have managed intervention funds which are available to install energy efficiency measures in clients' homes, helping them achieve affordable warmth. These measures are installed using the Quality Assured Warmth Scheme, a network of approved energy-efficiency installers who are managed by LEEP and endorsed by the local authorities.

In 2003-04 Communities Scotland, through the local authorities awarded £50,000 to the Warmburgh Advice Team and Warm and Well. This money was used to install central heating systems or Warm Deal insulation measures in homes suffering from fuel poverty.

When one of the teams receives a referral, they visit the home to assess their circumstances, provide advice on affordable warmth and to identify options for making energy efficiency improvements.

Where necessary energy efficiency improvements are identified and there are no grants available then the intervention fund may be used or the Warm Deal allocations where the improvement is an agreed measure under the allocation. In this case the Quality Assured Warmth Scheme will manage an installer to make the heating or insulation improvements, with Warm and Well or the Warmburgh Advice Team paying for the work using the funding from Communities Scotland.