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Planning Advice Note PAN 71: Conservation Area Management


Planning Advice Note PAN 71: Conservation Area Management

Monitoring and Review

Monitoring and review is essential in validating the continuing relevance of designations, their boundaries and the success of management strategies. Useful indicators of the impact of a management strategy might include the:

  • extent of repair needs of buildings and the public realm, the progress made towards addressing them, and the quality of repairs undertaken;
  • design quality of new buildings, alterations and extensions;
  • cumulative effect of erosive small-scale changes and the use of planning tools, such as Article 4 Directions, to combat them;
  • vitality and viability of any commercial areas; and
  • the level of investment and progress in the implementation of particular schemes of enhancement, such as shopfronts or streetscape enhancement.

Monitoring indicators should be set out in the conservation management strategy. As most of the indicators are qualitative and hard to measure, it may be necessary to develop assessment methods using external audits or community juries. There are, of course, other indicators of management performance that go beyond conservation, such as litter, graffiti, vandalism, community safety and maintenance standards.

It is necessary to establish a review cycle in order
to give continuing support to conservation area management. The local community should be actively involved in the monitoring and review process.