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The Summary Justice Review Committee: Report to Ministers


The Summary Justice Review Committee: REPORT TO MINISTERS



Name Organisation (where appropriate)

Bain, Edward

Edinburgh City Commission Area

Bell, Sheriff Andrew

Edinburgh Sheriff Court

Benson, Jane AR

Procurator Fiscal's Society

Bowen, Edward F

Sheriff Court of Glasgow & Strathkelvin

Bradley, Dan

Glasgow Children's Panel Advisory Committee

Broadfoot, Peter

Stirling Justices' Committee

Brown, Colin

Argyll & Bute Justices' Committee

Brown, Stephen B

West Dunbartonshire Council

Burnett, Alisdair R

Highland Commission Area (JP)

Calvert, M A
Carmichael, William

East Lothian Commission Area (JP)

Carpenter, Sarah

Childline Scotland

Clancy, Michael P

Law Society of Scotland

Cochran, Hilary

East Lothian Commission Area (JP)

Coe, Graham W

East Lothian Commission Area (JP)

Cooper, John M

North Lanarkshire Commission Area (JP)

Cormack, Tony

Midlothian Commission Area (JP)

Crighton, Alistair

East Dunbartonshire Justices' Committee

Crowe, Sheriff FR

Dundee Sheriff Court

Dedecker, Harry

Highland Commission Area (JP)

Dekker, Margaret

Scottish Campaign Against Irresponsible Drivers

Dickie, Donald


Dickie, Ellen
Doig, John S
Dow, Robert G

Scottish Forum for Community Justice

Duncan, Malcolm

East Lothian Commission Area (JP)

Dundas, Margaret

Scottish Borders Commission Area (JP)

Evans, Martyn

Scottish Consumer Council

Felsinger , Jeannie

Grampian Racial Equality Council

Findlay, John

Dumfries and Galloway Commission Area (JP)

Flaherty, Brenda

Aberdeen District Court

Fordyce, A Patrick

Scottish Law Agents Society

Forrest, Ian A

East Lothian Commission Area

Freebairn, Robert
Gordon, Sir Gerald

Inverclyde Commission Area (JP)

Gunn, Rhona

Moray Commission Area

Haas, David M

Highland Commission Area (Kingussie)

Haggarty, J Douglas

Scottish Legal Aid Board

Hamilton, David

Midlothian Commission Area

Hamilton, Robert

Glasgow District Court

Harper, Donald A

Highland Commission Area (JP)

Haswell, Alex

Dumfries & Galloway Commission Area

Hawthorn, Ewan G

Edinburgh City Commission Area (JP)

Henderson, Sheila

Aberdeen City Commission Area (JP)

Herbert, George

East Ayrshire Commission Area (JP)

Hornal, David

Lothian and Borders Police Officer

Howdle, David

Dumfries & Kirkcudbright

Hunter, Sheona C

Angus Commission Area

Hutton, Prof Neil

University of Strathclyde (Sentencing Research Centre)

Jackson, Graeme

Renfrewshire Commission Area (JP)

Jessop, Sheriff

Aberdeen Sheriff Court

Johnson, H Louise

Scottish Women's Aid

Kerr, J

North Ayrshire Commission Area

Kerr, Mr

North Lanarkshire Commission Area

Kirkwood, Susan
Lacy, Catherine
Law, Christine

Aberdeen City Commission Area (JP)

Leonard, Mrs JAC

East Renfrewshire Commission Area

Livingstone, Angus
Lloyd, Mr & Mrs John

Glasgow City Council

Lorrain Smith, Andrew

District Courts Association (JP)

Lovett, Ian

Highland Commission Area (JP)

MacKay, Ian T

North Ayrshire Council

Mackay, John

Aberdeenshire Commission Area (JP)

MacLean, Josephine

Glasgow District Court

Matthews, H

The Sheriffs Association

McDonald, Maeve

Glasgow Children's Panel Advisory Committee

McEwan, Leslie J

Edinburgh Council Social Work Dept

McIlquham, Patricia

Clerk of Dundee District Court

McIntosh, Aileen

Glasgow Bar Association

McKerl, Mandy

Lanarkshire Primary Care

McKinnon, John S

Aberdeen City Commission Area (JP)

McLean, W Rennie

North Ayrshire Council - Criminal Justice Services

McNeilly, Howard

Inverclyde Justices' Committee

McQuillan, Raymund
Meaney, Peter

Argyll and Bute & Dunbartonshire Social Work (joint)

Millar, WH

West Lothian Commission Area (JP)

Moore, Graham

Clackmannanshire Commission Area

Morrison, Dr Katherine

Ballochmyle Medical Group

Morton, Elizabeth S

Falkirk Justices' Committee

Mosson, Alex

Lord Provost's Secretariat Glasgow

Innes, Ian

Perth & Kinross Commission Area

Neill David

Highland Justices Committee (and sub-groups)

Nicholson, Gordon

Sheriffs Principal Association

Nisbet, JBC

Glasgow District Court

Oliver, Alan

Central Advisory Committee on Justice of the Peace

Osbourne, Elspeth

Midlothian Commission Area

Paterson, Alan

United Reformed Church's Scottish Synod

Paterson, Gil

Cross Party Parliament Violence Group

Paterson-Brown, Dr

Roxburgh, Ettrick and Lauderdale Lieutenancy

Pyle, DCW

Sheriff Court of Tayside Central

Rennie, Prof Robert

University of Glasgow (Law Reform Research Centre)

Ritchie, Brian C

Renfrewshire Commission Area (JP)

Ritchie, Cameron

Stirling PFs Office

Rosamond, Alan

South Ayrshire Commission Area

Russell, Dan

South Ayrshire Council

Ryan, Edith

North Lanarkshire Commission Area (JP)

Sayers, Owen

West Dunbartonshire Justices' Committee

Shepherd, Sheila
Shiels, Robert

Clerk at Aberdeen District Court

Steel, Charles

Alcoholics Anonymous

Stevens, Kirsty

Renfrewshire Council

Stewart, Sheriff Alistair

Dundee Sheriff Court

Stone, Teresa
Strang, Jim

South Lanarkshire Commission Area

Sutherland, Margaret

Orkney Islands Council

Tait, Harry

Fife Commission Area

Tasker, Jack

West Dunbartonshire Commission Area (JP)

Urquhart, Jack
Vlea, Judith

Association of Scottish Police Superintendents

Wallace, Patricia
Wardrop, WNC

Clerk of Glasgow District Court

Watson, Audrey

West Lothian Justices' Committee

Watson, Audrey F

Clerk of West Lothian District Court

Wheatley, Lord

High Court

Wilson, Mary

Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland

Young, William

Aberdeen City Commission Area (JP)