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Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme LFASS 2004

DescriptionExplanatory Notes for LFASS 2004
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJanuary 30, 2004


Environment and Rural Affairs Department
Agriculture Group

Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme
LFASS 2004

This document is also available in pdf format (160k)

  • You should already have claimed under the Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme (LFASS) 2004 on your Area Aid Application (AAA) base form 2003. These Explanatory Notes describe the arrangements for the scheme which has recently been approved by the EU. Please keep them safe - you will need to refer to them when we send you your payment letter. You should read them carefully together with the IACS 2003 Explanatory Booklet IACS (1) 2003. Paragraphs 49 to 53 of the IACS (1) relate to LFASS 2004.

  • There is no separate claim form for LFASS 2004. However, we will write to seek supplementary information from: those LFASS 2004 claimants with breeding sheep and/or sucklers who are ineligible to claim under the livestock premium schemes; those who have deer, goats, llamas and/or alpacas; and also those whose business includes non-Scottish land or non-LFA land. ( See paragraph 5. of these Notes.)

  • For more information contact your local SEERAD area office. Addresses and telephone numbers are listed at Annex F.

  • LFASS 2004 is partially funded by the European Community


The scheme is broadly the same as in 2003. However, there are several important changes which will apply from LFASS 2004, which are highlighted below. You will find more details about them in the following pages.

  • A new tier of payment rates: As in 2003, the location of your main IACS farm will determine which fragility marker applies to your holding. From 2004 the fragility marker, together with your grazing category will determine which payment rate applies to your claim (see paragraph 10.6. and Annex E of these Notes).

  • Safety Net: There will be no Safety net in 2004.

  • Good Farming Practice: The existing overgrazing definition has been expanded ( see Annex C. of these Notes).

  • Environmental Controls: For the first time you must comply with five important new environmental controls ( see paragraph 2.6 and Annex D. of these Notes).

  • New eligible species: Breeding female llamas kept for fibre production have been added to the list of eligible species ( see paragraph 2.2 of these Notes).

  • Maximum Stocking Density: For the 2004 scheme the maximum stocking density limit has been fixed at 1.40 livestock units per hectare (lu/ha), compared with 2.00 lu/ha last year ( see paragraph 10.3.2. of these Notes.)


1. About the Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme (LFASS).
2. Your Claim.
3. IACS and/or Land outwith Scotland.
4. Claims based on existing information (including Milk Quota).
5. Claims requiring Additional Information:
5.1 Animal Numbers.
5.2 Businesses with Land outwith the Scottish LFA.
6. Common and Shared Grazings; and Seasonal and Short Term Lets.
7. Forage Transfer Arrangements.
8. Calculation of Livestock Units.
9. Stocking Density.
10. How will my payment be calculated?
10.1 Eligible Forage Land.
10.2 Ineligible Land used for Dairying outwith the LFASS Ring-Fence Milk Quota Area.
10.3 Avoiding Over-Compensation: Minimum and Maximum Stocking Densities.
10.4 Eligible Activity undertaken in 2001: Grazing Category Value.
10.5 Environmental Measure: Mix of Livestock Maintained.
10.6 Rates of Aid.
10.7 Calculation of your Area Based Entitlement.
10.8 Minimum Payment.
11. How and when will I get my payment?
12. Inspections.
13. Penalties and Repayment of Support.
13.1 LFASS Penalties.
13.2 IACS Penalties which affect LFASS.
13.3 Repayment.
14. Land Classification: Applications for LFA classification and appeals against decisions; and appeals against grazing category.
15. Appeals and Complaints Procedure.
15.1Appeals against Decisions
15.2 Complaints about Standard of Service
ANNEX A Calculation of Livestock Units and Stocking Density.
ANNEX B Payment Calculation Examples.
ANNEX C Good Farming Practice Guidelines - Scotland.
ANNEX D Environmental Controls
ANNEX E Parish List.
ANNEX F List of SEERAD Area Offices.