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Annual Listing of Publications

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Monday 10/02/2003

Further Education: Guidance for 2003-04 [Education and Training]

Ministerial Guidance letter sent to Scottish Further Education Funding Council

Friday 07/02/2003

Council Directive on Community Measures for the Control of Foot and Mouth Disease and Amending Directive 92/46/EEC

FMD Consultation Paper

Consultation Letter - Consultation on Proposed EU Directive on Community Measures for the Control of Foot and Mouth Disease


Empowered to Practice The Future of Community Learning and Development Training in Scotland [People and Society]

Review of professional training in community learning and development

Public Water Supplies in Scotland: Water Resources Survey 2001-2002 [Environment]

Detail of volume of water supplied in Scotland. Demand of water, leakage and yield for 1/4/01 - 31/3/02

Thursday 06/02/2003

Part IV the Environment Act 1995 Local Air Quality Management: Revised Policy Guidance [Environment]

Revised guidance issued to local authorities to assist them with air quality review and assessment

The Air Quality Strategy for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: Addendum [Environment]

addendum to Air Quality Strategy outlining new objectives

Wednesday 05/02/2003

Sheep Annual Premium Scheme Quotas: Explanatory Guide

Explanatory Guide

Gross Domestic Product for Scotland for the 3rd Quarter of 2002 [Statistics]

Overview of the Economic Situatiion of Scotland for the third quarter of 2002

Scottish Strategy for Victims Progress Report [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Reports on the progress made since the publication of the Scottish Strategy for Victims in January 2001.

Tuesday 04/02/2003

The Scottish Human Rights Commission - Consultation Paper

A consultation paper on The Scottish Human Rights Commission

Human Rights in Scotland - Scottish Civic Forum Consultation Responses [People and Society]

Responses from Scottish Civic Forum Consultation

Local Governance (Scotland) Bill DRAFT [Government]

Local Government Legislation

Organic Action Plan [Agriculture]

Organic Action Plan

The Scottish Human Rights Commission Questionnaire [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Response form for Consultation

Monday 03/02/2003

HRI Core Funded Projects Completed 2002 [Agriculture]

HRI core report summaries for 2002

Building Our Future: Scotland's School Estate [Education and Training]

School Estate Strategy

Drinking Water Quality Unit: List of approved Products and Processes [Environment]

List of products and processes approved for the water industry

Play Your Part in Changing Scotland [Government]

Information leaflet on applying for an appointment to public bodies in Scotland

Serious Violent and Sexual Offenders: The Use of Risk Assessment Tools in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

An audit of risk assessment tools currently in use in Scotland with serious violent and sexual offenders, and an assessment of progress with the validation of such tools in Scotland.

Showing: 941 to 960 of 1058