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Enhancing Sexual Wellbeing in Scotland: A Sexual Health and Relationships Strategy: Proposal to the Scottish Executive

DescriptionConsultation on draft sexual health strategy document
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateNovember 12, 2003


Enhancing Sexual Wellbeing in Scotland
A Sexual Health and Relationships Strategy
Proposal to the Scottish Executive

25 th September 2003

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This document is also available in pdf format (628k)


Covering Letter

Supporting Papers
1 Chair's introduction
2 Background
3 Setting the context
•The current picture
•The wider influences on sexual health
•The media and mass communications
4 Promoting positive sexual health
• Meeting the needs of those facing the greatest barriers
• A broad approach to sexual health promotion
• Acquiring knowledge and skills about sexual health and wellbeing
• The role of sexual health and reproductive health services
5 Supporting change
• Leadership and accountability
• Clinical standards
• Clinical targets for sexually transmitted infections
• Data collection
• Staffing and other resources
• Education and continuing professional development
• Developing an evidence base for future work
6 The way ahead
7 References
8 Abbreviations
9 Glossary