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Evaluation of the Drug Driving TV Advert

DescriptionAn evaluation of a recent TV advert aimed at discouraging people from driving under the influence of drugs (‘drug driving’).
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateFebruary 28, 2003


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Rachel Ormston/NFO Social Research

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Executive summary
Views and experiences of drug driving
Awareness and understanding of the Drug Driving TV advert
Views on the content and style

CHAPTER ONE Introduction
The research background
Research methods
Structure of the report

CHAPTER TWO Views and experiences of drug driving
Prevalence of drug driving - quantitative results
Circumstances in which drug driving occurs
Perceptions of the effects of drugs on driving
Comparisons between drug driving and drink driving
Key points

CHAPTER THREE Awareness and understanding of the Drug Driving TV advert
Unprompted awareness of the drug driving TV advert
Prompted awareness of the drug driving TV advert
Understanding of the advert - quantitative findings
Understanding of the advert - qualitative findings
Impact of the message
Key points

CHAPTER FOUR Content and style
Realism of the events shown
Characters in the advert
Impact of the two halves of the advert
Tone of the advert - debate over use of humour to publicise serious issues
Comparisons with 'harder hitting' campaigns
Portrayal of the legal consequences of drug driving
Key points

CHAPTER FIVE Recognition of 'Know the Score' and 'Scottish Road Safety Campaign' logos and campaigns
Awareness and knowledge of the 'Know the Score' logo and campaign
Awareness and knowledge of the 'Scottish Road Safety Campaign' logo and campaign
Key points

CHAPTER SIX Lessons for the future
Key findings from the evaluation
Improving the current TV advert
Implications for future campaigns

ANNEX A: Research methods
The June 2002 Scottish Opinion Survey
Survey of drivers
Qualitative component


The views expressed in this report are those of the researcher and
do not necessarily represent those of the Department or Scottish Ministers.

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