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Let's Make Scotland More Active: A strategy for physical activity


Let's Make Scotland More Active: A strategy for physical activity

Annex A
Physical Activity Task Force - duties and membership

The objective for the Task Force was to consider and make recommendations on a strategy for increasing physical activity in Scotland. The Task Force was helped by a dedicated project team and aimed to investigate and recommend ways to:

  • raise physical activity levels in all age groups in Scotland;

  • use physical activity to reduce health inequalities;

  • make sure that the relevance of physical activity to raising and maintaining the quality of life to all age groups is fully recognised;

  • promote physical activity as enjoyable and accessible;

  • increase the number of people taking part in physical activity;

  • identify the scope of working with the relevant agencies at a policy and practical level to achieve these objectives;

  • advise on how current services, facilities and programmes can be used to better effect and where further investment should be concentrated; and

  • set national targets for physical activity.

Task Force membership

John Beattie (Chair)
Richard Brickley
Gabe Docherty
Lindsay McHardy
Stephanie-Anne Harris
Joan Henderson
Alan Jones
David Leslie
Angus MacDonald
Stuart MacKenzie
James McLellan
Professor Nannette Mutrie
Anne Pearson
Sandy Watson
Dr Helen Zealley

Project Team
Mary Allison
Morag Hamil
Jim Hislop
Rosanne McMahon
Elizabeth McNeil
Jessica McPherson
Denise Swanson
Kate Vincent

Contributions from
The University of Edinburgh
HM Inspectorate of Education

None of the members in the Task Force is paid for their work.