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Hungry for Success - A Whole School Approach to School Meals in Scotland:


Hungry for Success

Annex H Response to Consultation: Water Supplies in Public Buildings

As discussed in Section 6 of this report we considered that the implications of the European Council Drinking Water Directive were of particular importance to schools and took the opportunity to submit a formal response to the consultation exercise. The essence of our response, which was submitted by our Chairman, is shown below:

"Thank you for inviting the Expert Panel on School Meals to respond to your consultation document.

Included within the definition of Scottish Nutrient Standards for School Lunches, the Panel is recommending that fresh, chilled drinking water should be freely available within the dining room. The Panel is also of the firm belief that children should have access to drinking water throughout the school day. We are aware that many schools may currently fail to comply with the EU Directive and we would be concerned if education authorities detecting compliance failures in schools took steps to disconnect supplies. We therefore propose that the regulations contain a requirement for all schools to provide an adequate supply of easily accessible drinking water for pupils and staff."