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Scotland's Transport Delivering Improvements: Transport Indicators for Scotland


Scotland's Transport: Delivering Improvements: Transport Indicators for Scotland



The Scottish Executive has already published targets that relate to transport indicators. The key targets and publications are set out below:

Building a Better Scotland9

  • Increase rail passenger journeys on the ScotRail network by a further 5% by 2006 on 2002-03 levels.
  • Increase local bus passenger journeys by 5% by 2006 on 2000-01 levels.
  • Increase passenger numbers passing through HIAL airports by 5% by 2006 on 2001-02 levels.
  • Increase the quality and quantity of lifeline ferry services and ensure 98% of planned sailings actually sail and 98% arrive on time, by 2006.
  • Reduce the time taken to undertake trunk road journeys on congested/heavily trafficked sections of the road network by 2006.
  • Achieve best value for money by reducing the proportion of the trunk road network that requires close monitoring to 6% for motorways and 8% for dual carriageways by 2006.
  • Reduce the number of serious and fatal road accident casualties by 40% by 2010 and by 50% for children over the same period, compared with 1994-98 annual averages.
  • Traveline Scotland Ltd to answer at least
    1 million enquiries per year by 2006 and for performance and output standards to be met.
  • Transport Direct portal to achieve at least
    1.5 million visits per annum by 2006 and for performance and output standards to be met.

Scottish Climate Change Programme10

  • Make an equitable contribution to the UK Kyoto target of a 12.5% reduction in 1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Air Quality Strategy for England,
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • To work in partnership with local authorities with the aim of meeting the annual nitrogen dioxide objective by 2005 and the objective for PM10 by 2010 in all areas.