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Scotland's Transport Delivering Improvements: Transport Indicators for Scotland


Scotland's Transport: Delivering Improvements: Transport Indicators for Scotland


Not only is the Scottish Executive committed to improving public transport across Scotland we are also committed to encouraging travellers to make greater use of public transport. If we are to succeed, one of the things we must do is provide them with accurate, customised information about the travel options available. We will measure the use that the public is making of public transport information made available nationally and the key indicators will be the number of enquiries answered by Traveline Scotland and the number of visits to the Transport Direct portal.

Travel Choices for Scotland 8 identified a need for a national multi-modal public transport information system and as a consequence Traveline Scotland Ltd was set up in January 2001. Traveline Scotland, supported by transport operators, local authorities and the Scottish Executive develops and operates our national public transport information service. Traveline will also be one of the main sources of public transport information in the Transport Direct Programme. Transport Direct will cover all modes of transport and will provide travellers with all the information they need before and during a journey anywhere in the UK and provide integrated ticketing. Transport Direct will be implemented in phases over several years.