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Tuesday 15/10/2002

Interchange 79: Connecting Schools, Libraries and Community Education Centres with ICT: An Evaluation of the CREATIS Project [Education and Training]

An evaluation of the CREATIS Project, which computer networked West Lothian Council schools, libraries and community education centres in order to promote learning opportunities and social inclusion.

Monday 14/10/2002

Integrated Care for drug users: Principles and practice [Health and Community Care]

This document provides the rationale for integrated care, its definitions and concepts and the key principles and elements of effective practice drawn from the research evidence.

Psychostimulants: A Practical Guide [Health and Community Care]

This guide explores the use of psychostimulants in Scotland, examining the problems associated with their use and discusses the evidence on interventions and service design.

"Under the Skin" of Community Planning [People and Society]

This research was commissioned by the Community Planning Task Force to help it gain a better understanding Community Planning at a local level. The research was based on interviews in nine case study

Friday 11/10/2002

Invitation to Tender For Campbeltown- Ballycastle Ferry Service - Draft Service Specification

Draft Consultation Document

Evaluating the Economic Impact of Abstraction Controls on High and Medium Volume Water Users in Scotland [Environment]

Final report into the economic impact of abstraction controls under the EC Water Framework Directive on high and medium volume water users in Scotland

Scotland's Canals: an asset for the future [Transport]

Scottish Executive policy document aimed at promoting Scotland's canals, encouraging increased usage and stimulating debate on their future development.

Third Year Review of Strathclyde Police Primary Inspection of 2000 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

A report which comments on the progress made by Strathclyde Police towards the recommendations in the Primary Inspection by HMIC in 2002

Thursday 10/10/2002

Review of the Milk Development Council


Wednesday 09/10/2002

Removing the Special Protection of Prime Quality Agricultural Land from Development [Planning]

Full digest of responses

Removing the Special Protection of Prime Quality Agricultural Land from Development: Analysis of Response [Planning]

provides analysis of responses, conclusions and next steps

Scottish Manufactured Exports Estimates for the Second Quarter of 2002 [Statistics]

Seasonally adjusted export sales in current prices by Scotland’s manufacturing sector

Tuesday 08/10/2002

Land Management Contract Working group [Rural Development]

Report on the practicalities of introducing land management contracts in Scotland.

Child Witness Support Consultation Document [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Proposals on the provision of support for child witnesses and national guidance relating to investigative, pre court and court procedures

Closing the Opportunity Gap Scottish Budget for 2003-2006 [Government]

Publication of Closing the Opportunity Gap document

Financial Provision and Direct Payments, 2002 [Statistics]

National figures on Scottish Local Authority Financial Provision and Direct Payments

Monday 07/10/2002

Travel Plans: An Overview

An overview of why organisations should consider developing a Travel Plan.

A modern complaints system: The new Scottish Public Services Ombudsman [Government]

Circular guidance on the statutory framework for complaints handling established by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Act 2002 (asp 11)

Reform of Social Work Education [People and Society]

A consultation document on the curriculum for Social Work Education

Friday 04/10/2002

Delivering Social Justice in Rural Scotland: Barriers and Solutions

Report of the Conference in New Lanark on 17 June 2002

Showing: 61 to 80 of 94