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Fire Statistics Scotland, 2000




Our role

The aim of the Statistical Service is to provide relevant and reliable statistical information, analysis and advice that meet the needs of government, business and the people of Scotland.

Our Objectives

1. To ensure that all statistics work is relevant to meeting user needs by

  • Continuing development of new and improved statistics in key areas, including the economy, social justice, equality and rural issues.
  • In each statistics branch, continuing to improve the relevance and timeliness of work, to meet user needs.
  • Developing more data for small areas through the Neighbourhood Statistics project.
  • Developing the contribution of statistics to broader initiatives, including performance information, measurement of government targets, better policy making and other modernising government objectives.
  • Improving the involvement of users and providers, working on a partnership basis wherever possible.

2. To ensure the reliability of our statistics by

  • Implementing a systematic and transparent approach to quality assurance in line with National Statistics.
  • Maintaining and promoting integrity through implementation of National Statistics standards and protocols.
  • Developing statistical expertise and use of integrated statistical methods and classifications

3. To ensure the efficient and effective delivery of statistics products and services by

  • Improving access to data and analysis, through better use of the Web, improved publications and improved systems for holding and accessing background data.
  • Producing and implementing an annual Scottish Executive Statistics Plan
  • Maintaining comparability of statistics across the UK and developing collaboration with the other administrations.
  • Minimising the burden on data providers.
  • Ensuring value for money in our activities
  • Promoting the statistical service, its outputs and standards.

4. To ensure that the statistician group is equipped to meet its objectives by

  • Ensuring as far as possible that all Departments/ Divisions have statistical staff required to meet their needs at all times.
  • Improving the development and support arrangements for statistical staff and supporting implementation of Civil Service Reform
  • Ensuring effective management of the statistics group
  • Ensuring effective use of Information and Communications Technology

This is a National Statistics publication

National Statistics are produced to high professional standards set out in the National Statistics Code of Practice. They undergo regular quality assurance reviews to ensure that they meet customer needs. They are produced free from any political interference.

National Statistics publications are grouped under the following broad subject headings (themes):

Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry

Other Government

Commerce, Energy & Industry

Health & Care

Compendia & Reference

Labour Market

Crime and Justice

Population & Migration

The Economy

Social & Welfare

Education & Training

Transport, Travel & Tourism

The Natural and Built Environment

This publication belongs to the Crime and Justice theme.