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Fire Statistics Scotland, 2000



25 False fires alarms attended by Scottish fire brigades, 2000 (Table 12a)

25.1 In 2000, total fire false alarms in Scotland constituted 51,779 incidents, representing just under half (48 per cent) of total call outs to fires (primary, secondary and chimney) and false fire alarms.

25.2 In 2000, the percentage of call outs due to total false fire alarms was 53 per cent for Central and Lothian and Borders and 51 per cent for Fife. The percentage of total false fire alarms for the remaining brigades was equal to or below the Scottish percentage (48 per cent). The percentage of call outs due to malicious false fire alarms was 10 per cent in Fife and 9 per cent in Central. The percentage for the remaining brigades were equal to or below the Scottish percentage of 8 per cent. The percentage call outs due to faulty apparatus false fire alarms was 39 per cent for Lothian and Borders. Central, Dumfries & Galloway and Strathclyde were the only brigades where the percentage was lower than the Scottish percentage of 28 per cent.