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Friday 31/08/2001

Community Leadership and Climate Change in Scotland Guidance for Chief Executives of Scottish Local Authorities

Climate Change Guidance for Local Authorities

Delivering Integrated Transport Initiatives Through Road User Charging - Consultation And Approval Process : Guidance for Local Authorities

Delivering Integrated Transport Initiatives Through Road User Charging - Consultation And Approval Process : Guidance for Local Authorities

Scottish Higher Education Review - First Consultation Paper

scottish higher education review consultation paper

Scottish Statistics 2001

This updated version of the 2000 Scottish Statistics Factcard provides an overview of Scotland through using tables containing interesting facts a figures for a variety of themes.

The Fishing Vessels (Decommissioning) (Scotland) Scheme 2001 Explanatory Leaflet

Guidance to the 2001Scottish Decommissioning Scheme

What support is available for part-time Scottish students in higher education in 2001-02?

support available for part-time Scottish Students in higher education

Wednesday 29/08/2001

Briefing Paper On Legal Issues And Witness Protection In Criminal Cases [Research]

The aim of this paper is to contribute to the debate about possible changes on Witness Protection.

Water Quality and Standards: Investment Priorities For Scotland’s Water Authorities 2002-2006

Ministers requirements from Scottish Water

Tuesday 28/08/2001

An Improved Framework For The Deliberate Release Of Genetically Modified Organisms

The Consultation Paper sets out the background to and context of the new Directive, examines the main changes and seeks views on key implementation issues.

Contingency Plan for the Possibility of BSE in Sheep [Agriculture]


Performance Monitoring Inspections of Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade

For the year 2000/2001, the inspection monitors performance, seeks to inform on current activities, and provides continuity between 3-yeaerly Principal inspections.

Monday 27/08/2001

A Science Strategy For Scotland

sets the framework which will inform the detailed development of policy for the support and use of science to achieve SE's objectives set out in Programme for Government

Community Ownership in Scotland

based on research evidence and information provided in a survey of housing associations who have had housing stock transferred to them

Community Ownership Information Pack Final Report April 2001

Information Pack

The New Driver Project [Research]

This study was designed to review two classroom-based interventions aimed at modifying driving related attitudes and self-reported driving behaviour.

Friday 24/08/2001

1999 Retail Development Survey

Monitoring of retail developments

Perceptions of factors that promote and protect against the misuse of alcohol amongst young people and young adults - Final Report

Alcohol on Young People and Alcohol

Thursday 23/08/2001

Measuring Scotland's progress towards smart, successful Scotland

Measuring Scotland's progress towards smart, successful Scotland

Monday 20/08/2001

A summary review of Scottish Executive documents and action on lifelong learning over the past 2-3 years

Review document summarising all documents since Opportunity Scotland, including chart of initiatives and future action.

Equality Statistics - Report of Conference for Users of Equality Statistics Held at Scottish Executive, Victoria Quay on 29 January 2001 [Research]

This report outlines the events and conclusions of a conference for users of equality statistics.

Showing: 1 to 20 of 64