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Sunday 24/06/2012

Increased trust in Scottish Government [Research]

Trust in Scottish Government four times higher than in UK Government.

Monday 11/06/2012

Glasgow renewable energy funding boost [Research]

European funding worth £6.7 million for world class research and innovation centre.

Wednesday 02/02/2011

Oil and gas research [Research]

Assurances sought over transfer of North Sea samples from Edinburgh.

Monday 19/04/2010

Investment in research and innovation [Research]

First Minister announces European funds to support creation of 740 jobs.

Monday 01/02/2010

Public attitudes to broadcasting [Research]

Summit announced as research shows room for improvement.

Friday 29/01/2010

Research world leader - First Minister [Research]

New report confirms Scotland is one of the best places in the world for science.

Wednesday 06/01/2010

Food research report [Research]

New strategy will help deliver Scotland's National Food and Drink policy.

Monday 16/11/2009

Scottish scientists to help beat world hunger [Research]

Research funding to help Scots scientists examine global food security.

Wednesday 10/09/2008

'Big Bang' experiment [Research]

Tribute paid to the role of Scottish experts in world's most powerful science experiment.

Wednesday 07/05/2008

New life sciences institute [Research]

Dundee institute to create jobs and drive forward Scotland's life sciences sector.

Monday 02/04/2007

Research into living with flooding [Research]

Publication of research exploring the social impacts of flood risk and flooding in Scotland.

Friday 06/10/2006

Business learning and training [Research]

Business Learning Accounts to be wound down following pilot scheme.

Thursday 14/04/2005

Young Scots see 'positive' future [Research]

Reports into attitudes to enterprise find young people well aware that only hard work will achieve success.

Friday 01/04/2005

Funding for 'green' buildings [Research]

Project to help companies design energy efficient buildings will receive more than £265,000.

Wednesday 24/03/2004

Family trends research published [Research]

Latest figures into family structure and attitudes to families.

Thursday 14/08/2003

Third of drivers speeding 'routinely' [Research]

New research shows driver attitudes as Foolsspeed campaign returns.

Thursday 13/03/2003

Rural Scotland, Taking Stock [Research]

Report sets out progress made towards achieving Executive aims for rural areas.