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Wednesday 02/01/2013

Homelessness Prevention Reaps Real Benefits [Public Sector]

Innovative approach benefits service users and public purse

Wednesday 28/11/2012

Public service pension reform [Public Sector]

Finance Secretary refuses legislative consent for UK pensions bill.

Tuesday 02/10/2012

Helping disabled people into work [Public Sector]

Public sector encouraged to buy from businesses employing disabled people.

Tuesday 21/08/2012

Fire and Rescue Services Statistics, Scotland 2011-12 [Public Sector]

An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

Wednesday 11/07/2012

Charity Regulator reappoints members [Public Sector]

Hughes-Hallett and Ballantyne reappointed to board of OSCR.

Tuesday 03/07/2012

UK Government block Scottish pension negotiations [Public Sector]

Swinney objects to Westminster pension restrictions on Scottish workers.

Wednesday 14/03/2012

Finance Secretary comments on public sector employment [Public Sector]

Public sector employment continues to fall.

Public sector employment statistics [Public Sector]

Public sector employment.

Thursday 23/02/2012

Councils move towards Living Wage [Public Sector]

Local Government Minister urges remaining councils to follow suit.

Thursday 09/02/2012

Local authority funding confirmed [Public Sector]

Local government funding for 2012-13 to be £11.5 billion.

Monday 06/02/2012

Public sector procurement reform [Public Sector]

Improving public sector procurement practice, to help Scottish firms access contracts.

Friday 27/01/2012

Review of community planning [Public Sector]

Review of community planning.

Monday 23/01/2012

Scottish Enterprise [Public Sector]

Members Re-appointed to the board.

Thursday 19/01/2012

Storm damage [Public Sector]

Emergency funding considered for councils.

Friday 16/12/2011

Freedom of Information [Public Sector]

Plans will make public sector more open and transparent - Parliamentary Business Minister.

Wednesday 14/12/2011

Public sector employment statistics [Public Sector]

Private sector employment rises more than public sector employment falls.

Wednesday 14/09/2011

Public sector employment statistics [Public Sector]

New private sector employment more than double fall in public sector.

Sunday 17/07/2011

Humanitarian aid for East Africa [Public Sector]

£500,000 to help Scottish organisations provide emergency aid.

Friday 08/07/2011

Public-social partnerships [Public Sector]

Guidance to help ensure local services are built around people and communities.

Wednesday 29/06/2011

Ministers welcome public service report [Public Sector]

Christie commission publishes report on the future of public services.

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