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Wednesday 22/05/2013

North Sea Prawns Stay Burrowed Deep [Marine and Fisheries]

Range of environmental factors limit emergence of prawns.

Wednesday 15/05/2013

New CFP takes big step forward‬ [Marine and Fisheries]

Brussels deal delivers workable measures in key areas

Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries [Marine and Fisheries]

Aquaculture and Fisheries Bill Passes through Scottish Parliament

Monday 13/05/2013

Sanctions a step closer [Marine and Fisheries]

Europe agrees sanctions on herring and will look further at mackerel.

Monday 06/05/2013

Scotland makes waves in South Korea [Marine and Fisheries]

MoU to develop marine technology industry.

Friday 03/05/2013

Scotland shares expertise with South Africa [Marine and Fisheries]

Marine Energy Delegation benefit from Scottish Excellence.

Tuesday 23/04/2013

£2.6m boost for fishing [Marine and Fisheries]

Scottish seafood companies receive funding boost.

Friday 19/04/2013

Days at sea allocated [Marine and Fisheries]

Government working to minimise negative impact of Cod Recovery Plan.

Friday 12/04/2013

Flawed cod plan frustration [Marine and Fisheries]

Scotland’s fishermen penalised again because of inflexibility in Brussels.

Wednesday 27/02/2013

Discards deal agreed in Brussels [Marine and Fisheries]

Step forward as EU Ministers vote through discard plan.

Sunday 24/02/2013

Lochhead seeking loophole free fish discards ban [Marine and Fisheries]

Key meeting in Brussels can deliver long awaited breakthrough.

Friday 08/02/2013

Harbour storm damage [Marine and Fisheries]

Extra £1m funding assistance

Monday 28/01/2013

Fresh approach to solve mackerel dispute [Marine and Fisheries]

Lochhead says mediator may be necessary to end stalemate.

Wednesday 23/01/2013

Further fishing quotas agreed [Marine and Fisheries]

Faroe irresponsible fishing behaviour is condemned

Friday 18/01/2013

No cut in cod quota in 2013 [Marine and Fisheries]

EU–Norway fish talks conclude in successful deal for Scottish fishermen

Friday 11/01/2013

Fishing industry lands new apprentices [Marine and Fisheries]

New training to help secure the future of fishing in Scotland.

Friday 04/01/2013

Braer anniversary [Marine and Fisheries]

20 years on from Shetland oil disaster.

Thursday 27/12/2012

Flame shell reef discovery [Marine and Fisheries]

Loch Alsh find ‘could be largest in the world'.

Thursday 20/12/2012

Success at fish talks [Marine and Fisheries]

Stability delivered for industry as science and common sense win through.

Wednesday 19/12/2012

£5.8m for fishing projects [Marine and Fisheries]

European Fisheries Fund gives boost to Scottish industry.

Showing: 1 to 20 of 612