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Wednesday 04/09/2013

News App and RSS update [Government]

Important update to customers of the News App and RSS feeds.

Thursday 27/06/2013

Votes for 16s approved [Government]

Scottish Parliament passes referendum franchise Bill.

Thursday 13/06/2013

Lobbying Transparency [Government]

Scottish Government to bring forward legislation.

Friday 07/06/2013

FOI scrutiny extended [Government]

Order laid in Scottish Parliament

Wednesday 08/05/2013

Queen's speech [Government]

FitzPatrick says UK Government ‘failing to deliver for Scotland’.

Sunday 05/05/2013

500 days to the referendum [Government]

Sturgeon outlines positive case for independence

Thursday 18/04/2013

Scottish landfill tax to tackle illegal dumping [Government]

Landfill tax (Scotland) bill introduced

Wednesday 17/04/2013

New post for health chief [Government]

Derek Feeley to join Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Thursday 04/04/2013

Prime Minister out of touch with Scotland [Government]

Only independence will rid Scotland of Trident.

Thursday 21/03/2013

Scotland decides on 18 September 2014 [Government]

Historic vote on nation’s future confirmed

Tuesday 26/02/2013

Scotland’s place in European union [Government]

Sturgeon calls on UK Government to work together to present precise scenario.

Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics 2011-12 [Government]

Scottish Local Government Financial Statistics 2011-12.

Friday 22/02/2013

Council Tax frozen for sixth year in row [Government]

Households across Scotland to benefit.

Tuesday 05/02/2013

The transition to an independent Scotland [Government]

Independence Day proposed for March 2016.

Monday 04/02/2013

New independent adviser appointed [Government]

James Hamilton joins Lord Fraser of Carmylie and Dame Elish Angiolini as independent adviser.

Wednesday 30/01/2013

Government accepts all Electoral Commission recommendations [Government]

DFM calls on UK to also accept Electoral Commission rulings.

Wednesday 16/01/2013

FOI scrutiny extended [Government]

Scotland's regime most robust in UK.

Wednesday 12/12/2012

Decline in MoD personnel in Scotland [Government]

Numbers drop by more than one third in Scotland since 2000.

Monday 10/12/2012

Revenue Scotland [Government]

Proposals for a Scottish tax system and rules on tax avoidance go out to consultation.

Tuesday 04/12/2012

Prevention at heart of public services [Government]

Public bodies to take action now to save resources later.

Showing: 1 to 20 of 1181