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Friday 01/03/2013

Bridge Veterans visit new Forth crossing [Building]

Veteran builders of the forth bridge visit new crossing.

Thursday 20/12/2012

Construction industry [Building]

Scheme to promote improved on-site skills and health and safety.

Tuesday 08/11/2011

Work starts on first 'hub' school [Building]

Building underway thanks to innovative scheme.

Tuesday 01/11/2011

Plans for funding building projects [Building]

£1.4 billion building boost for Scottish infrastructure.

Tuesday 18/01/2011

Work begins on community hub [Building]

Construction begins on new £5.7 community facility in Edinburgh.

Monday 08/11/2010

Scotland in Venice [Building]

NVA to represent Scotland at International Architecture Exhibition.

Friday 09/04/2010

Improving buildings standards [Building]

New certification mark to measure competence in the construction industry.

Tuesday 06/04/2010

Homes go greener [Building]

Revised building standards will ensure new houses are more energy efficient.

Monday 01/03/2010

Plans for low carbon communities [Building]

International designer arrives in Scotland for town design workshops.

Monday 26/10/2009

New laws turn down the volume [Building]

Scotland's noise legislation is working - Environment Minister.

Tuesday 23/09/2008

Architecture design champion review [Building]

First review of Architecture and Design Scotland.

Tuesday 20/05/2008

Scottish Futures Trust [Building]

Ministers outline new way of handling public infrastructure investment in Scotland.