Next generation of global citizens


Three projects to raise awareness of global issues in Scottish schools have secured funding from the European Commission over the next three years. 

The projects have a total value of £1.6 million, including £108,000 co-financing from the Scottish Government. European partners such as Lithuania, Slovenia and Austria will also benefit from the overall funding.

The projects will support young people’s understanding of world economic, health and environmental issues as part of Curriculum for Excellence.

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Michael Russell, who has been in Malawi to see the progress of Scotland’s current international development work, said:

“The Scottish Government is committed to supporting Scotland’s place in the world as a responsible nation and contributor to the global fight against poverty. This commitment must be realised both at home and overseas.

“It is absolutely right that our children, Scotland’s next generation, have the opportunity to learn about and understand global issues, and of course their impact on the developing world. 

“I am very pleased to be able to confirm Scottish Government support for these valuable projects which will raise awareness of issues including poverty, and the effects of climate change on the developing world.”

The projects have been designed by the International Development Association of Scotland (IDEAS) and Scottish Development Education Centre (Scotdec). Susan McIntosh, Scotdec co-ordinator added:  

“From a very competitive field within Europe, Scotdec is delighted to have won grant funding for two innovative projects which will bring new money to Scotland to support Global Citizenship within Curriculum for Excellence. We are grateful for this endorsement from Scottish Government and the financial contribution which will allow this work to continue.”

Anne Kane of IDEAS also said: 

“The International Development Education Association of Scotland also secured funding from the European Commission for global citizenship work in Scotland. The funding will support teachers in taking forward global citizenship across the secondary school curriculum.

“This announcement of co-financing from Scottish Government makes a welcome contribution to the success of this work and acknowledges the high regard in which the work of the Development Education Centres (DECs) is held locally, nationally and internationally.”

Judith Robertson, Head of Oxfam Scotland, said:

"Oxfam believes global citizenship education here can help fight poverty everywhere because it gives children the skills to critically evaluate the world around them. Oxfam has supported Scotland’s six DECs since the 1980s and they play a vital role in offering professional support to teachers to deliver this crucial work across Scotland.

“However, the Centres are facing serious financial challenges – limiting their ability to meet training requests. This funding from the European Commission – secured with vital co-financing from the Scottish Government – is a major boost to the Centres.

"We warmly welcome the Scottish Government's support as a first sign that it recognises the role of the voluntary sector in global citizenship education. It is crucial we continue to invest in these Centres as we seek to educate a generation of outward looking, caring Scottish citizens.”

Related information

The total value of the three projects across Europe is £1.6 million, bringing in £680,000 from Europe for Scottish education over the next three years. The Scottish Government is providing a total of £108,000 co-financing in 2013/14 and 2014/15. Co-financing in 2015/16 will be considered as part of the next spending review period. The funds will also protect nine existing part time posts and create eight new part time (four FTE) posts.

The three projects made successful funding bids to the European Commission via the International Development Association of Scotland (IDEAS) and The Scottish Development Education Centre (Scotdec). The projects are:

1. Changing habits for good – learning and teaching for a fairer world

To give young people a critical understanding of how our behaviour as consumers in a globalised world contributes to poverty and environmental degradation in sub-Saharan Africa and motivate them to take action for change. Partners: Scotdec lead with Bulgaria, Poland and Slovenia over three years.

Total Budget: 600,000 Euros. Amount to Scotland: 246,171 Euros.

2. Teach Global Ambassadors

To establish networks of Teach Global Ambassadors (TGAs) who will promote development education as fundamental to effective education for the development of active and informed global citizens in Europe and who will actively support schools and local authorities to develop strategies which embed development education within High School curricula in Lithuania and Scotland. Partners: IDEAS lead with Lithuania over 30 months. 

Total budget: 540,000 Euros. Amount to Scotland: 371,373 Euros.

3. Youth of the World! – mainstreaming global awareness in youth work

To raise mainstream awareness about global issues within the activities of youth organisations, working in different spheres of youth work. Developing educational materials and methodologies tailor-made for young people on global issues. Bulgaria lead with Scotdec, Lithuania, Cyprus, Estonia and Austria over three years.

Total budget: 866,666 Euros. Amount to Scotland: 164,318 Euros.

Total amount to Scotland: 781,862 Euros (approx £680,000).