NHS in Scotland


A major report into the NHS in Scotland has praised its industrial relations practices and ‘cast doubt’ on the pursuit of market-based reforms south of the border.

Commenting on Partnership in NHS Scotland 1999 – 2011, published today by Nottingham University Business School, Heath Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said:

"In Scotland we are determined to protect the founding principles of the national health service – that is the only way to ensure that patients receive the very best quality care.

"In NHS Scotland, the unique nature of partnership working, where trade unions and professional organisations, employers, and the Scottish Government work closely together, means that staff are very involved in improving patient services. This is a benefit to patients and staff alike and I am pleased this report recommends that other health organisations should learn lessons from the way NHS Scotland works.

"This report underlines that the success of this industrial relations model and leaves NHS Scotland well placed to tackle the many challenges facing it today and in the future.

"I have been clear that I do not support NHS England’s move to a more market driven model and this report further highlights the dangers involved. NHS Scotland will continue to show that protecting the NHS makes it stronger and fit for the future. We have seen Scottish patients receive better and better quality care and that is set to continue.

"My priority is ensuring that all our collective resources and all our energies are focussed on what matters most to patients and health workers – protecting their NHS."