New electricity link


Energy Minister Fergus Ewing today welcomed the awarding of contracts on the West Coast High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) link, a subsea electricity transmission link between Hunterston and the Wirral, which will enable the export of over 2GW of electricity from Scotland.

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said:

"I welcome this major investment in the electricity grid between Scotland and England. Scotland is already a net exporter of electricity, and this link will help us more than double our electricity exports to England from Scotland by 2020.

"The link is set to be the first of many upgrades to the network following on from Ofgem's recent fast-tracking of Scottish Power's plans to invest 2.6 billion pounds in its transmission network.

"Scottish Power’s business plan alone will lead to the creation of 1,500 jobs.

"Scotland leads the world in renewables. This development will help us meet our 2020 target of generating the equivalent of 100 per cent of our electricity demand from renewables as well as more from other method, and will help us supply the rest of the UK."