Further support for economic recovery


Further spending will support Scotland’s economic recovery this year, Finance Secretary John Swinney confirmed today.

The remaining Barnett consequentials for 2011-12 will be allocated to support economic recovery and meet national and local government priorities.

The Spring Budget Revision, which allows changes to the 2011-12 budget and was laid in Parliament today, confirms that Ministers have allocated around £33 million to:

  • £10 million for affordable housing supply, £2 million for housing adaptations, and £0.9 million for the housing and regeneration programmes;
  • £4.5 million for road transport;
  • A further £5 million for employability programmes;
  • £2.5 million for local government claims for damage from recent severe weather;
  • £1.1 million support for cultural projects;
  • £2 million for finance portfolio to support capital projects;
  • £0.4 million for Marine Scotland and National Parks;
  • £5 million to accelerate a number of NHS capital projects.

This is in addition to previous announcements on Barnett consequentials in 2011-12, allocated to support the College Transformation Fund, Youth Employability programmes and the Cities Investment Fund. Further details on how the funding confirmed today will be used will be available in due course.

Mr Swinney said: “We will take every possible opportunity to support economic recovery, create growth and maximise the effect of every pound spent. These Barnett consequentials will inject new support this financial year into housing, transport and employment programmes, helping get people into work, create new jobs, and meeting our ambitions for Scotland.

“The Budget Bill for 2012-13 maintains that clear focus on investing in growth. I remain happy to consider proposals opposition parties wish to make as part of the Bill process, where they match our priorities and where funding is fully identified.  We will announce the outcomes of this process and the allocation of further Barnett consequentials for 2012-13 onwards in due course.”