Lets made by registered social landlords


A detailed report of Registered Social Landlord (RSL) lets in 2010/11 has been released today by Scotland's Chief Statistician.

Published online, the SCORE Annual Summary Report 2010/2011 has been generated from the Scottish Continuous Recording System (SCORE).

SCORE monitors new tenancies granted by social landlords. It is a voluntary system which has been in use in the RSL sector since 1990. On a continuous basis, it records comprehensive details of all new tenancies, relating to both the house occupied and the tenant household.

Some of the main points to emerge were as follows:

Weekly Rents

The average weekly rent for general needs lettings increased by 3.8 per cent from £59.36 to £61.60. This increase was in line with the rise in both inflation and the household incomes of tenants.

Household Type

70 per cent of lets recorded through SCORE were for households containing a single person or parent. Within this, 38 per cent of lets were for single adults - the most prevalent household type. 19 per cent of lets were for single parent families - this proportion was down slightly from the previous year.

Economic Status of Household

Approximately one third of lets were made to working households and one third to unemployed households. The remaining third was made up predominantly of retired and long term sick households.

Previous Living Circumstances of Household

Over one fifth (22.0 per cent) of households gaining a new let previously resided with the same Housing Association. Other common previous living circumstances included living with immediate family (16 per cent), living in a B&B or temporary accommodation (15 per cent) and living with friends or relatives (11 per cent). 10 per cent rented privately and 8 per cent rented from a council.

Main Reason for rehousing

There were a wide variety of reasons for the rehousing of tenants. Overcrowding was the most common reason (17 per cent). 12 per cent were rehoused for medical reasons and 9 per cent due to a relationship breakdown or bereavement.

RSL participation in SCORE is voluntary, however, in 2010/11 the collection covered over 90 per cent of all RSL lets. As SCORE does not cover all lets, the figures may vary from those quoted by the Scottish Housing Regulator through their Annual Performance and Statistical Return.