Libyan crisis


External Affairs Minister Fiona Hyslop today reiterated that the Scottish Government is doing all it can to support Scots caught up in the continuing crisis in Libya.

She said:

"The Scottish Government, like everyone else, is deeply concerned about the continuing plight of Scots still stranded in Libya, including oil field workers where there is a strong Scottish interest.

"We stand ready to offer any assistance that we can, and we are also ensuring that every case that is brought to our attention is forwarded to Foreign Office officials for their urgent attention.

FCO helpline

0207 008 0000

"The Scottish Government has a legitimate contribution in terms of what is being done to locate Scots in Libya and meet their needs on return, and we have activated our resilience unit to help with this overall task.

"The Foreign Secretary said to the First Minister that he would reflect on the issue of Scottish Government involvement in Cobra meetings and discuss the issue with the Prime Minister, and we look forward to hearing from him. Scottish Ministers and officials have participated in many Cobra meetings in the past on a routine basis, for example in relation to the Glasgow airport attack.

"We have asked Scottish local authorities to ensure appropriate support is put in place for anyone returning from Libya to Scotland who needs practical assistance such as help with housing or advice on other benefits.

"We are also seeking information about the numbers and location of Libyan students and academics currently in Scotland, to ensure colleges and universities have welfare arrangements to support them if required through this very difficult time."

The Scottish Government's Resilience Room (SGoRR) has been activated and will remain open into the weekend to provide ongoing support.