NHS Knowledge Network


A new database set to provide NHS staff with online information on areas such as patient care, clinical practice and research was unveiled today.

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Nicola Sturgeon launched the Knowledge Network during the opening address at the NHS Scotland Event in Edinburgh today.

Managed by NHS Education for Scotland the online resource will include a "Google-style" search engine giving instant access to 11 million learning and information resources from over 100 providers as well as personal space for employees to gather information.

During her speech the Cabinet Secretary also reflected on recent achievements including the world renowned patient safety programme, reducing waiting times and the introduction of the Quality Strategy.

Ms Sturgeon said:

"We know that people want speedy treatment and quick access to care and we have made great improvements in these areas.

"But people want more than that. They want a health service that is compassionate; they want to see a real partnership between clinicians, patients and others; they want services to be provided in a clean and safe care environment; they want hospital food to be good; they want continuity of care and of course they want confidence in the effectiveness of any treatment.

"Achieving all this, for every person, every time is what our Quality Strategy for NHS Scotland is all about. We know that a skilled, motivated and committed workforce, with access to the right knowledge, tools and materials is a key component to delivering the highest quality healthcare for the people of Scotland.

"That is why today's announcement on the Knowledge Network is to be welcomed, not only will it save staff time, it will allow them to access a wealth of information which for the first time will be available online in the same place."

The NHS Scotland Event provides the opportunity for those who work in, and with, the NHS in Scotland to discuss, share and learn more about tools, techniques and good practice happening across the country that supports the delivery of continuous quality improvement in Scotland.