Framework for Inclusion


A new initiative in teacher training - the National Framework for Inclusion - aims to ensure better classroom support for pupils with additional needs, such as dyslexia.

Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning Fiona Hyslop today launched the Framework which offers advice to encourage student teachers and qualified teachers to be inclusive in their teaching.

The Framework was funded by the Scottish Government and developed by the Scottish Teacher Education Committee (STEC), the body for the seven Scottish universities who provide teacher training.

Ms Hyslop said:

"We want an education system in Scotland that is inclusive of all pupils, encouraging young people to develop, no matter what additional needs they may have.

"Dyslexia Scotland estimates that one in ten children have some degree of dyslexia - some 70,000 pupils in Scotland - and a simple lack of understanding by a teacher can stifle a pupil's potential and reduce their chance of a successful education.

"We have an enviable reputation in Scotland for our high calibre teacher training and probationer scheme. However, we need to build on this to ensure that new teachers develop awareness early in their careers of how to make learning inclusive for the benefit of all pupils.

"The Framework means systematic improvement with all teacher training providers embedding inclusive education principles within student learning. It's also not just for student teachers - we are making advice and guidance available online so that all teachers, no matter how experienced, can learn how to make learning in their classroom more inclusive for pupils.

"At a time when we are bringing the biggest changes to Scottish education in a generation, with reforms of teaching and learning, focusing on more inclusive education will stop some young people being overlooked and slipping through the net."

Myra Pearson, Chair of the STEC and Head of the School of Education at the University of Aberdeen, said:

"With the support and encouragement of the Scottish Government the new Framework has involved colleagues from all teacher education universities in Scotland working together to develop a shared understanding of the issues around inclusion. We have developed a clear, accessible aid to the delivery of inclusive education for student teachers, qualified teachers and teachers with a leadership role.

"We are also launching an extensive web-based resource for both teachers and teacher educators that provides easy access to a wealth of relevant information.

"Today's launch represents an important step forward in embedding inclusion in all aspects of teacher education and moves us closer to ensuring that all young people in Scotland can be successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens."

The Framework for Inclusion identifies the values and beliefs, professional knowledge and understanding and the skills and abilities, in terms of inclusive education, to be expected of both student teachers and qualified teachers. A further web-based resource will give support by providing relevant, high quality materials and documentation. Find out more at:

The STEC is currently chaired by Myra Pearson, Head of School of Education, University of Aberdeen, and comprises the Deans/Heads of Faculties of the seven universities in Scotland providing initial teacher education: Aberdeen University, Stirling University, Strathclyde University, Edinburgh University, Glasgow University, University of West of Scotland and Dundee University.