Estimate of cereal and oilseed rape harvest 2008


Scotland's Chief Statistician today published first estimates of the 2008 cereal and oilseed rape harvest.

These estimates indicate that, compared with final estimates from the 2007 harvest:

  • Total cereal production increased by 411,000 tonnes or 15.7 per cent to 3.031 million tonnes. Areas increased by 52,000 hectares or 13.0 per cent and average yields increased slightly by 2.5 per cent to 6.7 tonnes per hectare
  • Wheat production increased by 147,000 tonnes or 17.6 per cent to 979,000 tonnes. Areas increased by 11,000 hectares or 10.6 per cent and average yields were up 6.3 per cent to 8.6 tonnes per hectare
  • Total barley production increased by 260,000 tonnes or 15.7 per cent to 1.918 million tonnes, with average yields unchanged at 6.0 tonnes per hectare. Production of spring barley increased by 197,000 tonnes and winter barley production was up by 63,000 tonnes. This was mostly due to increases in spring and winter barley areas, as average yields for spring barley remained similar to last year at 5.6 tonnes per hectare, whilst average yields for winter barley increased by 6.6% per cent to 7.8 tonnes per hectare.
  • The production of oats increased by 4,000 tonnes or 3.5 per cent to 128,000 tonnes. There was a 3.9 per cent increase in areas and average yields were similar to last year at 5.9 tonnes per hectare
  • Oilseed rape production decreased by 20,000 tonnes or 14.4 per cent to 117,000 tonnes. This was due to the 7.6 per cent decrease in areas and a 7.2 per cent decrease in average yields to 3.5 tonnes per hectare

The following table shows area, yield and production estimates for the 2008 harvest compared with last year :

harvest estimates 2008

The 2008 estimates of production are based on final crop areas from the 2008 June Census, along with crop yield estimates from Scottish Government Agricultural Staff, supplemented by discussions with trade organisations. A complete set of final 2008 June Census results are scheduled to be published on October 29, 2008.

The 2007 estimates of production are based on final yield results from the 2007 Cereal Production Survey and final crop areas from the 2007 June Census.

Some caution is advised when comparing these preliminary trends in yield and production estimates between 2007 and 2008 which have been derived from different sources.

Final estimates of production from the 2008 harvest will be obtained from the 2008 Cereal Production Survey and published in January 2009.