Mountain weather information


The Scottish Government is to provide funding toi support the Mountain Weather Information Service, operated independently by Geoff Monk and Associates since 2004, for the first time.

Sport Minister Stewart Maxwell today announced that sportscotland will be investing £36,000 per annum over the next three years.

The service covers five geographical areas in Scotland:

  • North-West Highlands
  • West Highlands
  • Cairngorms
  • South-East Highlands
  • Southern Uplands

The Minister said:

"Thousands of climbers already rely on the Mountain Weather Information Service for accurate information about conditions on Scotland's mountains.

"It is therefore absolutely vital we have a reliable mountain weather service to reassure walkers they have the best information at their fingertips."

"That's why I'm announcing that this service will be fully funded by the Scottish government, through sportscotland, for the first time from this winter season.

"I want to applaud Geoff Monk and his colleagues for their selfless work to date in helping to ensure the safety of all those who make use of our wonderful natural environment."

Stewart Harris, Chief Executive of sportscotland, said:

"We are pleased to invest in the Mountain Weather Information Service which we see as a fundamental resource for walkers and climbers. With more people enjoying Scotland's hills and mountains every year, it is essential that they are well prepared and hopefully this service will go a long way to ensuring people's safety."

Roger Wild, Mountain Safety Adviser for the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, said:

"This will be the first publicly-funded comprehensive mountain weather forecast service for outdoor users in Scotland and it will be a major resource in promoting the safety and enjoyment of all who go into the outdoors."