Terrorist threat at 'critical'


The terrorism threat level in the UK has been raised to 'critical' following the recent discovery of two car bombs in London and the incident at Glasgow International Airport when a burning vehicle crashed into the front of the terminal.

First Minister Alex Salmond said:

"The Justice Secretary, the Lord Advocate and I have just taken part in a meeting of COBRA with the Prime Minister in the chair. I have been briefed on the operations underway but clearly we cannot comment about the specific detail of the investigation.

"However, I do want to put on record our wholehearted support for the police service in Scotland in tackling all the potential threats that we face as a society. I am sure that every law-abiding member of the community in the country would endorse that.

"The incident at Glasgow Airport today as well as recent events in London show that we face threats both north and south of the border - and both the Scottish and UK governments are united in our determination to stand up to that threat to protect our communities.

"People in Scotland will rightly be concerned by what they are hearing and seeing. Many are directly caught up in the disruption.

"The only serious injuries we can confirm at present are those to a person held by the police as a suspect. A member of the public was also injured but his injuries are not life-threatening.

"However, let me stress that the investigation of the scene is ongoing and we cannot be definitive about the full extent of injuries.

"The vigilance and quick-thinking of frontline staff at the airport clearly prevented further loss to life and limb. A number of members of the public also provided great and brave assistance to the police.

"We will need to keep up that vigilance in the days to come. We cannot and must not live our lives in a state of alarm - but alert individuals have a substantial role to play in supporting the police service.

"I want to make one further point. Individuals are responsible for their actions - not communities. No community in Scotland should feel threatened or under suspicion because of this incident today.

"I know that the police across the country will be working closely with those communities who might feel vulnerable to provide them with any additional reassurance they need at this time."