Minister welcomes Western Isles Council's crofting policy


Deputy Rural Development Minister Rhona Brankin today welcomed Western Isles Council's crofting development proposals.

The Minister visited Lewis as part of ongoing consultation on the Executive's Crofting Reform Bill.

Proposals to advise and support new diversified on-croft enterprises and encourage young entrants will help to reverse the de-population of crofting communities in the Highlands and Islands.

Speaking after a meeting with Western Isles Council, Rhona Brankin said:

"The Executive is committed to sustaining for the future a way of life which has supported generations.

"The Bill encourages different approaches and different priorities appropriate to the circumstances of communities across the Crofting counties.

"This approach is reflected in the Crofting Development proposals published by the Western Isles Council. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to listen to crofting interests in the Western Isles in order to bring to the Parliament the best possible Bill to secure the future of this unique way of life."