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Glasgow Blood Donor Centre


Health Minister Malcolm Chisholm today opened the new Glasgow Blood Donor Centre at 8 Nelson Mandela Place in the city.

The Glasgow Donor Centre, relocated from St Vincent Street, plays a critical role in ensuring that the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service continues to satisfy the need of Scottish hospitals for blood and blood products on a daily basis and is open six days a week to welcome volunteer blood donors.

The Glasgow Donor Centre not only provides a blood donating opportunity for Glasgow's eight hundred thousand population, but also for the city's commercial and public sector staff.

Over the last year, a total of 25,000 volunteers have attended the Glasgow Donor Centre. Indeed, one in every twelve units of blood or blood product, which saves so many lives in Scotland every year, is donated at the new Centre.

The Minister met several of the City's volunteer blood donors who have given many years committed support to saving or improving lives by regularly donating blood.

Health Minister Malcolm Chisholm said:

"I am delighted to officially open this new donor centre. I congratulate SNBTS staff on the successful and smooth relocation to this new modern spacious facility. Hopefully the ease of access will attract new "walk past" donors.

"The blood service has recently lost some of its most loyal donors due the introduction of a new precautionary measure. This means that it has never been more important for people to donate. At present less than 6 per cent of the Scottish population who could give blood do - so I urge people to come forward and regularly donate blood.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank regular donors for their continued support - without them we wouldn't be able to carry out many life saving operations and procedures every day."

Mr. Keith Thompson, National Director, SNBTS said

"Blood donors underpin the NHS. Their blood is on standby for every birth
in Scotland, every surgical operation and the treatment of Accident and Emergency patients. Without these blood donors, patients lives would be at risk and on behalf of SNBTS, I would like to thank them for their continued contribution to the care of patients in Scotland.

Additional notes on Glasgow Donor Centre and Blood Transfusion:

  • Blood is on standby for most surgical operations - a heart by-pass may require 12 - 15 donations, a hip replacement around four donations and a caesarean section two donations. Two units are required to be available at every birth. As little as three teaspoons of your blood can save a premature babies life.
  • Individual patients may require large quantities of blood during a single operation - for example a liver transplant can require the equivalent of 100 donations of blood and blood products.
  • The Glasgow Donor Centre has a special Emergency Response Team of blood donors who have pledged to donate within hours whenever a particular blood group is urgently required.
  • The Centre's location was carefully chosen in order to compliment the city's transport infrastructure and also ensure a central donating opportunity for office workers and visitors to the city.