Euro funds for golf tourism in East of Scotland


A £550,000 European fund joint venture project involving five East of Scotland Area Tourist Boards together with the five local authorities and the three local enterprise companies was announced today.

The Initiative for the Development of Golf Tourism in the East of Scotland follows on from the very successful Phase I of the niche marketing project in the East of Scotland.

Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport Elaine Murray said:

"I am delighted to be able to announce today the next phase of the Development of Golf Tourism in the East of Scotland.

"This additional financial support and in particular the £550,000 coming from European Regional Development Fund will provide a further major boost for golf tourism marketing in the East of Scotland, with particular focus on the Objective 2 programme area which surrounds the world renowned championship courses at St Andrews, Carnoustie and Gleneagles.

"I am also happy to announce that the Golf Tourism Initiative is expected to generate over 155,000 additional visitors to the area together with £45.5 million of new spend and the creation of 214 jobs.

"Finally, I am particularly pleased with the manner in which the various Area Tourist Boards, as members of the East of Scotland Golfing Tourism Alliance, have worked together with the local authorities and the local enterprise companies to bring forward this very exciting Golf Marketing Initiative."

The East of Scotland Objective 2 Programme 2000-2006 was approved in principle by the European Commission in November 2000 and is worth €250 million over the period. The figure includes transitional funding of over €80 million for these areas in the East of Scotland that lost full status from the Objective 2 and Objective 5b programmes.

European Structural Funds provided to Scotland contributes to a wide range of mechanisms undertaken by public, community and private bodies which supports economic and environmental development. The funds provide additional support to economic development and job creation and the encouragement of tourism activity represents a major policy objective.