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Plan to boost Glasgow and Clyde Valley approved


The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Structure Plan, which will provide the strategic planning framework for the development of the Glasgow conurbation over the next 20 years, was today approved by Scottish Ministers.

Commenting on the plan, Deputy Minister for Social Justice Margaret Curran said:

"I welcome the Plan's commitment to urban renewal and its aim to increase economic competitiveness. Its promotion of a corridor of growth along the River Clyde provides a positive policy context for the regeneration of the Clyde Waterfront announced by Wendy Alexander in November. Making the Clyde an attractive place for new jobs and investment will contribute to the Executive's policy of revitalising Scotland's largest city.

"I recognise the important role that the Braehead Shopping Centre plays in relation to the redevelopment of the Renfrew Riverside area. However, I am not persuaded by the views put forward during the consultation period that it provides a sufficient range of town centre facilities, including community facilities, to justify identification as a town centre.

"This Structure Plan will make an important contribution to the realisation of key Scottish Executive objectives, including the promotion of social justice and economic competitiveness, the protection and enhancement of the environment, and the integration of land use and transport in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley areas."

  • The Plan has been approved subject to a number of modifications. One of these relates to the future extension of the West of Scotland Science Park. A draft modification had indicated that provision should be made for an extension at Dawsholm Park. However, residents in north-west Glasgow were concerned that this represented a threat to the mature parkland at Dawsholm Park which is a valued community asset. The approved Plan makes provision for a 10ha. extension to the Science Park, but makes no reference to Dawsholm Park. Alternative options for the extension of the Science Park are under consideration.

The Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Structure Plan covers the areas of Glasgow City, South Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire, East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire Councils. It replaces the Strathclyde Structure Plan in these areas.

Structure plans require to be approved by Scottish Ministers.

The Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Structure Plan is available from the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Structure Plan Joint Committee at 10 Killermont Street, Glasgow, G2 2NW (Tel: 0141 331 2468) and at