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Glasgow school shows the way for other PPPs


The refurbished and extended Cleveden Secondary School in Glasgow was offically opened today and held up as an example of how a successful public private partnership can be applied across the country.

During a visit, First Minister Jack McConnell told pupils, staff and parents he was impressed with the achievement at the school.

He said:

"I am proud to help you celebrate the completion of the building work at Cleveden. It was only in the summer of 2000 that the PPP contract was signed, and within a year the buildings have been transformed.

"The quality of our school buildings is vital in providing a positive environment which encourages pupils to do their best. It is clear from what is happening here in Glasgow that we are making major inroads in tackling the decades of past neglect of school buildings.

"This is being repeated in other parts of the country and we are currently considering bids from 16 authorities across Scotland for support for further PPP projects with a capital value of more than £1.9 billion. If approved, this would represent Scotland's biggest school building and renovation programme.

"The partnership approach between councils and Scottish Ministers for sustainable, long term investment in the school estate is essential for the future. By working together and jointly committing resources we can make an impact on the legacy of under-funding in the school estate and make a real difference for our children both now and in the years to come.

"With a capital value of £220 million the Glasgow PPP project is a massive investment in the future of the education service in the area and testament to the Council's vision in embracing the opportunities public private partnerships provide."

The Glasgow Schools Ppp project includes the replacement of 11 secondary schools with new buildings, the extension and/or refurbishment of the remaining 18, and the replacement of Knightswood Primary School. Like Cleveden, some of the schools were available for use from August 2001. The rest are scheduled to be available by August 2002, except for St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, for which the replacement building is due for completion by August 2003.

The consortium which has built and will run the school buildings is called 3ED and comprises the Miller Group Ltd, Amey Ventures and Halifax Project Investments Ltd. Information and Communication Technology services are being provided by Mitel, Hewlett Packard and Morse.

The total capital cost of the project is in the region of £220 million, and the Executive is making some financial support available to the Council over the life of the contract under what is known as the level playing field support arrangements.