Scottish Executive annual listing for 2001

News Releases:

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Monday 17/12/2001

NHS staff set for pay rises in New Year [Health and Community Care]

Executive confirms that doctors and nurses to get pay rises above the rate of inflation.

Priorities set out for SFEFC [Education and Training]

Minister sets out agenda in letter of guidance to the Scottish Further Education Funding Council.

Public services at push of a button [Government]

Pilot scheme gives greater access to public services through innovative new kiosks.

Qualifications system simplified [Education and Training]

New single credit based system for qualifications launched.

Rise in reported domestic abuse [People and Society]

Minister says public confidence is increasing in police handling of domestic abuse.

South of Scotland Euro funds [Government]

Montain bikes among projects to share £4 million in European structural funds.

Twin success for Dumfries and Galloway [Government]

Charter Mark and People's Network Internet link for all D&G public libraries.

Saturday 15/12/2001

Laeken Summit [Government]

Minister welcome outcome of Eu Summit in Belgium.

Friday 14/12/2001

Health Service progress report [Health and Community Care]

NHS is improving but much remains to be done in raising standards and meeting needs of patients.

New Lanark becomes World Heritage Site [Arts and Culture]

Victorian village on River Clyde recognised as site of international importance.

Review of parking for the disabled [People and Society]

First review of parking arrangements for people with disabilities for 15 years.

Towards a sustainable food industry [Agriculture]

High quality, healthy, home-grown produce can only benefit Scotland - Minister.

University research leads the UK [Education and Training]

Five-yearly assessment rates 85 per cent of Scotland's research capability at highest level.

Venison exports on the road [Agriculture]

First shipment of venison since Foot and Mouth outbreak has left Dundee for Europe.

Thursday 13/12/2001

Coastal spin-off for fishing industry [Marine and Fisheries]

Report confirms onshore economic benefits derived from UK fishing fleet.

Criminal Justice Bill to be ready in New Year [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Proposals include stronger powers to deal with child pornography and "stalking" of women.

Educating children with long-term illness [People and Society]

Guidance has been issued to ensure sick children receive adequate education away from school.

Euro judgement against French beef ban [Agriculture]

Minister welcomes judgement that French ban on beef exports is illegal.

European Fisheries Council [Marine and Fisheries]

Minister promises tough negotiating stance over quota reduction proposals in Brussels.

First destination of graduates and diplomates 1999-00 [Education and Training]

Latest statistical bulletin on employment outcomes following Higher Education.

Showing: 61 to 80 of 2001