Deacon announces new chairs for Tayside health bodies


Scottish Health Minister Susan Deacon today announced the appointment of new Chairs for both Tayside Health Board and Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The new appointees replace interim Chairs in both organisations.

Ms Deacon said:

"I am delighted to announce the appointment of Peter Bates as the new Chair of Tayside Health Board, and of Jim McGoldrick as the new Chair of Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust.

"I am confident that the NHS in Tayside will benefit from the skills, experience, and commitment of both Peter Bates and Jim McGoldrick. Peter Bates has extensive experience of the management of public services - notably as Director of Social Work for Tayside Regional Council. Jim McGoldrick has served on board of the Health Trust and in his role as Vice Principal of Abertay University, has been at the heart of the delivery of change and improvement.

"I am confident they will work together, and with others, to take forward the development of NHS services in Tayside. They will deliver positive changes and will involve the people in Tayside in how those changes will be delivered. The people of Tayside deserve well-run, high-quality local health services in which they have confidence and for which local bodies are truly accountable.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the two interim chairs, Peter McKinlay and Christine Grant for their contribution to leading the NHS in Tayside.

"Much has been achieved this year to improve the management and delivery of the NHS in Tayside. But there is still much more to be done. Key decisions on the effective delivery of modern health services across the region are still to be taken. The public in Tayside must have a meaningful opportunity to input to these decisions. The goal of the new Chairs is very clear - drive forward change and deliver measurable, sustainable improvements in health services in Tayside.

"I intend to meet with the new Chairs - and with Professor Frank Clark who heads the Tayside Task Force - within the next week to discuss the next steps in getting the NHS 'back to business' in Tayside. I hope to announce those next steps shortly."


1. Peter Bates' appointment as Chair of Tayside Health Board will begin on 1 December 2000 and is for a three year term.

2. Mr Bates is 55 and lives in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. He is semi-retired after a long career in Social Work, latterly as Director of Social Work in Dundee City Council. He has been a President of the Association of Directors of Social Work, an advisor to the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities, a former Chair of the National Foster Care Association (Scotland) and is a lay member of HM Inspectorate of Schools (Northern Division). He does not currently hold any other Ministerial Appointments and he has not been involved in any political activity within the last five years.

3. Remuneration of £21,367 per annum (under review) is payable to the Chair of the Tayside Health Board.

4. Tayside Health Board is responsible for the strategic planning of health services and the development of measures to improve the health of the community in Tayside. To meet those needs it has an annual budget of more than £400 million.

5. The other non-executive members of the board are Mr Robin Presswood, Miss Ann Crawford, Mr George King, Mr Harry Terrell, Professor David Rowley and Mr Murray Petrie. Professor McGoldrick will now join the board of Tayside Health Board.

6. Professor James (Jim) McGoldrick's appointment as Chair of Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust begins on 1 December 2000 and is for a two year term. In line with all Trust Chair Appointments, Professor McGoldrick has also been appointed as a member of the Health Board.

7. Professor McGoldrick is 48 and lives in north-east Fife. He is Vice-Principal of the University of Abertay in Dundee and has been a member of Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust since April 1999. He has lectured in colleges and universities in the UK and abroad on Sociology, Organisational Behaviour and Employee Relations. He is Professor of Human Resources Management (HRM) and served on the strategic review of HRM in the NHS in Scotland. He does not hold any other Ministerial Appointments and he has not been involved in any political activity within the last five years.

8. Remuneration of £20,420 per annum (under review) is payable to the Chair of Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust. No additional remuneration is payable in relation to his appointment as a member of Tayside Health Board.

9. Mr Peter McKinlay was appointed Interim Chair of Tayside Health Board in July this year, following the resignation of Mrs Frances Havenga, and pending the appointment of a new Chair. Mr McKinlay will leave his interim appointment on 30 November 2000.

10. Mrs Christine Grant, who was vice-chair of Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust, was appointed Interim Chair in July this year following the resignation of Sir William Stewart. Mrs Grant will continue as a trustee of the board of the Trust following Professor McGoldrick's appointment.

11. Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust is responsible for providing acute services in Tayside. It has a turnover of over £206 million.

12. The other trustees on the board are Mrs Moira Bissett, Professor Peter Howie and Mrs Christine Grant.

13. The appointments were made in line with the guidance issued by the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

14. The Task Force was created in February this year to investigate problems which had been reported in relation to the financial position and the overall running of the NHS in Scotland. The Task Force submitted a report in June, which identified four main contributory factors to the problem in Tayside: lack of effective financial control; absence of obvious health leadership; a lack of corporate working; and lack of effective communication.

15. Following the report's publication, Sir William Stewart, Chair of Tayside University Hospitals NHS Trust, tendered his resignation, followed by Mrs Frances Havenga, Chair of Tayside Health Board.

Peter McKinlay was appointed as Acting Chairman at the Health Board and Christine Grant, previously Vice-Chair, was appointed Acting Chair at the Trust. Adverts were then placed in the media for new permanent Chairs.

16. The NHS in Tayside, assisted by the Task Force, has been making good progress. The Trust is confident that it can reduce expenditure by over £6 million this year by operating more efficiently. Further savings are expected to come from other operational measures. The high degree of public involvement and engagement in the Acute Services Review process is further evidence of the improvement that has taken place in Tayside under the leadership of the Acting Chairs to address the issues identified in the Task Force Report.

News Release: SE2974/2000
17 Nov 2000