£1.8 million to provide permanent routes out of prostitution


An ambitious new initiative, to provide prostitutes in Glasgow with access to advice and services that will allow them to move out of prostitution, was announced today by Deputy Minister for Communities Jackie Baillie.

Scottish Executive funding of £1.1 million will allow Base 75 to develop a one stop shop for quick access to health and social work services, crisis and temporary accommodation for over 1000 prostitutes.

Ms Baillie also announced a further £700,000 for Glasgow City Council to build new supported accommodation in Glasgow, comprising of 22 units.

Base 75

  • Opening hours- The new integrated health, housing and social care team at Base 75 will operate during hours that suit the needs of the women using the service.
  • Health - Women will have access to doctors and nurses who will spend time at the base, and a methadone clinic will be set up. Counselling services will also be extended
  • Accommodation - A range of safe and suitable accommodation options will be made available. The project will link into a crisis accommodation service, and a further twenty furnished flats will be available for temporary accommodation.

Ms Baillie said:

"Providing permanent routes out of prostitution is about tackling the individual needs of these women. This requires social work, health, and housing to work together. This initiative has done just that, bringing together the Council, Health Trusts and the Social Inclusion Partnership.

"It is a highly ambitious project and this reflects our commitment to providing viable alternatives to prostitution.

"Base 75's own research has clearly identified the problems, with 80 percent of prostitutes who use their service owing money, 92 percent injecting drugs, and almost a third describing themselves as homeless. This project will be a huge step towards providing solutions."

"The one stop shop, together with £700,000 for new and appropriate accommodation, will bring real opportunities to women who want to find a way out of prostitution."

The new accommodation will accommodate 22 women. It will provide medical and residential care, and a resettlement service.


The £1.8 million to provide routes out of prostitution is part of the £12 million, announced on 1 June 2000 by Minister for Communities Wendy Alexander, to help tackle homelessness across Scotland.

News Release: SE2267/2000
22 Aug 2000