Dover House base for Scottish Secretary and Advocate General


Dover House in Whitehall, the current London office of the Scottish Office, will be the London base for both the Secretary of State for Scotland and the Advocate General for Scotland after devolution, the Scottish Office announced today.

Following devolution, the post of Secretary of State for Scotland will remain in the UK Government to promote communication between the Scottish Parliament and Executive and the UK Parliament and Government on matters of mutual interest, and to represent Scottish interests in reserved power areas.

The Advocate General will be the Scottish Law Officer in the UK Government responsible for providing advice to the Government on Scots Law in relation to both reserved and devolved matters.

Dover House will also be the base for the First Minister and other Scottish Ministers and officials of the Scottish Executive when they have business in London.

Ian Gordon, 46 a senior civil servant and currently the Fisheries Secretary of the Scottish Office's Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department, has been appointed as head of the combined office following devolution. He will be in charge of around 30 professional and administrative staff. Some staff will be based in Scotland, others at Dover House. Mr Gordon's salary will be in the Senior Civil Service Pay Band 6 which ranges from £66,900 to £104,190.

Provision of suitable office space in Scotland for both Ministers is currently under review.


The offices of the Secretary of State for Scotland and the Advocate General for Scotland will be entirely separate from the devolved Scottish Executive which will be led by the First Minister.

News Release: 0550/99
8 March 1999