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What RSS Feeds are available from the Scottish Government?
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About RSS feeds

What is RSS?

RSS is an XML formatted file which can be used by other web sites or by news aggregator programs to display and organise news from this web site and others that support RSS.

RSS is a public standard used by most large news organisations and weblogs to offer dynamic news feeds.

What are the benefits?

If you use a news reader program to access our RSS feeds then you will be alerted as soon as new article in your selected topic(s) are added to the Scottish Government website. This will help ensure you never miss an important press release or publication, without you having to continually check the web site for new entries.

Where can I get a news aggregator?

There are hundreds of news aggregator programs available which can view RSS feeds - many of these can be downloaded free, or for a small fee.

Lists of available readers can be found on Yahoo, Google, and many other listing sites.

There are also web sites ( MyWireService and Bloglines for example) that provide news aggregator services online.