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These pages provide information about NHSScotland performance against the HEAT targets and standards which contribute towards delivery of the Scottish Government's Purpose and National Outcomes; and NHSScotland's Quality Ambitions. The HEAT targets are grouped into 4 priorities:

  • Health Improvement for the people of Scotland - improving life expectancy and healthy life expectancy;
  • Efficiency and Governance Improvements - continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the NHS;
  • Access to Services - recognising patients' need for quicker and easier use of NHS services; and
  • Treatment Appropriate to Individuals - ensure patients receive high quality services that meet their needs.

NHS Boards have also agreed a range of local commitments through their Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) to support delivery of their Single Outcome Agreements (SOAs). In time, we intend to incorporate these commitments into our exploration of the reporting of CPP performance on Scotland Performs as part of its development to capture partners' contributions to the national performance picture.

HEAT targets are shown below, grouped into those due for delivery in 2013/14 and after March 2014.

HEAT targets due for delivery in 2013/14

HEAT targets due for delivery after March 2014

Further Information

HEAT targets within Scotland Performs are based on year of delivery. Where there are a number of distinct elements within a HEAT target these are presented separately in the lists above. These elements link to a single page that cover all related HEAT targets, giving an easy to follow account of all HEAT targets within a specific topic area.

The NHSScotland pages within Scotland Performs do not include the direction of travel arrows that are used to illustrate the most recent change against the long-term Purpose Targets and National Indicators (tracking national progress) on the 'Performance at a Glance' page. This is because HEAT targets are short to medium term, specific targets that contribute directly to the National Outcomes and, as such, do not require their own direction of travel arrows.

Performance against the HEAT Standards is also available in Scotland Performs from the HEAT standards page.

Summary of HEAT targets due for delivery in previous years

The PDF document (linked to below) contains information about HEAT targets that were due for delivery in 2012/13. This report was sent to the Health and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament on the 28th January 2014:

HEAT Targets due for delivery in 2012/13

Letter on 2012/13 HEAT targets for Health and Sport Committee

For earlier years, the reports linked to below provide NHS Board performance information for each HEAT target due for delivery:

HEAT targets due for delivery in 2011/12

HEAT targets due for delivery in 2010/11

HEAT targets due for delivery in 2009/10

HEAT targets due for delivery in 2007/08 and 2008/09

For a full list of HEAT targets in place since 2006/07 please refer to the link below:

List of HEAT targets due for delivery since 2006/07

Information on interim additional HEAT target

An additional HEAT target was introduced between November 2012 and the start of 2013/14. This target will be the first milestone to measure progress against the planned return of Accident and Emergency waiting times performance to 98% (as defined by the existing HEAT Standard). A letter on this additional target was sent to the Health and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament on the 27th March 2013. This letter also notified the Committee of a change to the measurement of the existing HEAT Standard on Ambulance Response Times:

Letter on HEAT changes to Health and Sport Committee

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