Scotland Performs

Scotland Performs measures and reports on progress of government in Scotland in creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all to flourish through increasing sustainable economic growth.

Progress towards the Purpose is tracked by 7 Purpose Targets and it is supported by 16 National Outcomes - describing the kind of Scotland we want to be - and 50 National Indicators, covering key areas of health, justice, environment, economy, and education measure progress.

Scotland Performs offers accountability based on national priorities set out in the National Performance Framework. NHSScotland is the first partner organisation to report performance through Scotland Performs.

You can judge for yourself how Scotland is progressing through 'direction of travel' arrows on the 'Performance at a Glance' page which indicate whether performance is improving, worsening or maintaining.

Assessments of progress are regularly updated from the latest evidence and each has explanatory notes attached.

The National Performance Framework was updated in December 2011. Information and data for the Purpose Targets and National Indicators included in the 2007 version of the NPF are still available.

Purpose Targets (2007 version)

National Indicators (2007 version)

Performance at Glance (2007 version)

Two of the Indicators from the 2007 set, which were removed at the refresh, had specific targets with endpoints after 14 December 2011. 

The final data for these two indicators was reported in early 2012 and the final performance assessment is available in the legacy targets section.

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