Scottish Government’s Gaelic Language Plan

Information Released in Response to an FOI Request

TitleScottish Government's Gaelic Language Plan
DescriptionInformation relating to costs associated with the implementation and monitoring of the Scottish Government's Gaelic Language Plan
Publication DateAugust 17, 2010

The Scottish Government's Gaelic Language Plan [] will play an important part in helping secure the future of the language. In addition to being a cultural strength, we recognise Gaelic has the potential to be a powerful economic asset for Scotland, attracting people to visit and learn the language.


The spend so far for translation of publications since the publication of the Plan is £381.22 for the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme Information Booklet. Any future publications will be produced and translated from existing budgets.


As the Gaelic Language Plan Development Officer will assist with the translation of any news release, there will be no costs incurred in translation.


The replacement of the signage is not directly related to the Gaelic Language Plan. Following the decision to change our name from the Scottish Executive to the Scottish Government in 2007, a project was undertaken to replace outdated signage across the Scottish Government estate. In order to ensure a cost effective transition, not all signs were changed at the time. The introduction of new, bilingual signage in some buildings is, however, consistent with our commitments under the Gaelic Language Plan. The cost is included within our general maintenance budget.

Staffing - Gaelic classes

Since the publication of the Plan, we have spent £120 on Gaelic taster sessions for staff. We will be introducing some Gaelic awareness classes for staff who will require this to fulfil their job. While definitive costs have still to be established, funding will come from existing budgets.

Gaelic Language Plan Development Officer

The Gaelic Language Plan Development Officer will be responsible for delivery of the Plan. The total recruitment costs for this post were £2,228.34. The post will be at B2 level [starting salary of £24,171]. However, the costs will be significantly less this year as the postholder is still to be identified and unlikely to be in post before the autumn. We anticipate this post will contribute to securing the future of Gaelic as well as delivering savings, for instance, by reducing the need for external translators.